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Recent platform updates Recent platform updates

We haven't been idling at Coupontools. Here's a list of the latest, most relevant updates at the Coupontools platform. 

  • Brand-new Voucher builder
    Coupontools launched a brand-new Voucher builder. The builder is perfect to create Digital Payment Voucher, Gift Cards, Fundraising Vouchers. Experience the builder yourself!
  • Updated API
    • The API documentation is refreshed. It's now only consultable on our website. Consult the API documentation for more information.
    • New API Call. It's now possible to store and save data about the money spent value through API calls.
    • API Call concerning the Directory registrations. The API call response is now limited to the last 100 Directory registrations. A "page" parameter is provided to consult older Directory registrations. This change affects the overall pace and performance of the API call for Directories with a large number of registrations. Consult the API documentation for further instructions. 
  • Mobile Kiosk Builder
    • The Mobile Marketing Kiosk Builder is updated. There are a lot of improved features and the look is completely restyled. Have a look for yourself!
  • Directory
    • Stripe is added as a payment method within the Directory. 
  • Refreshed layout
    • The statistics pages and the account settings page have had a significant makeover. 
Recent platform updates
Recent platform updates
Recent platform updates
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