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Digital voucher solutions for restaurants in lockdown Digital voucher solutions for restaurants in lockdown

A couple of countries already are in lockdown due to the Coronavirus. There are many to follow their example. A lockdown will have a dramatic impact on many businesses. Businesses will be closed for weeks or months. Being closed will be hard to avoid. But it is not impossible. There are a few ways of how certain businesses can reinvent themselves during the Coronacrisis and generate a bit of revenue.

    1. Adapt your business to the market’s needs

For an instant, the market has completely other needs than usual. In these dark times, you need to find out what the current needs of the market are and cater exactly to them. E.g. online purchases are peaking these days. Search for a way how your business could play its part and try to benefit it.

      • Online order platform
        If you aren’t present online, now is the time you’ll need to make the step. Since all organic store traffic is probably forbidden, reinventing your business is the message. Search for a way to sell your goods online. An online order webpage with payment integration would be a great first step.

      • Safe delivery  & pick up situations
        Search for a way to deliver your goods to your customers, respecting the government’s healthy measurements. If you can’t provide a delivery service, let people order online and provide a collect & go. Stimulate customers to order online by offering an appealing online discount. Try to regulate the foot traffic at your business as well as possible and avoid cash payments.

      • Payment vouchers
        Digital vouchers with payment integration are useful in multiple situations. Learn more about payment vouchers.
        E.g. Customers pay half in advance and a half when they’re getting the product, food, or service.  Easily integrate the coupon in your website, Facebook page, or sent it out by SMS or email.

    1. Digital Gift Card / Digital Voucher solution. Digital Payment Vouchers and Gift Cards on smartphones.
      During lockdown times, it isn’t business as usual. No business means no revenue and that is disastrous. To tackle the issue, businesses should roll out a digital gift card formula to ensure some revenue flowing in. Your (loyal) customers will buy a gift certificate because they also note you’re in an uncomfortable situation. The digital gift card is proof that the payment already has been fulfilled. Make sure the digital voucher is valid for a long time to spread the traffic as much as possible.

During these uncertain times, businesses need to be as creative as possible to survive. Businesses need to reinvent themselves to stay (partly) in business. With the tools and ideas above you have a better shot of still generating a bit of revenue. If you have any questions or need some advice, get in touch with us!

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Digital voucher solutions for restaurants in lockdown
Digital voucher solutions for restaurants in lockdown
Digital voucher solutions for restaurants in lockdown
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