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Vouchers with Payment Integration Vouchers with Payment Integration

Vouchers with Payment Integration

The Coupontools platform enables you to create and distribute vouchers with payment integrations. It may sound a bit weird upfront, paying for a discount, it all makes sense at the end. Learn more about the features and usage of mobile coupons with payment integrations.

How does it work?
The creation, distribution, and validation are almost the same for a regular or gamified mobile coupon. The only aspect which is slightly different is the creation. You have to select a payment integration as a claimed method that needs to be fulfilled to claim the voucher.

Which types of payments are supported?
Coupontools integrates with various payment services.

  1. Stripe
  2. PayPal
  3. Mollie
  4. Paymentwall
  5. Custom

Relevant situations where vouchers with payment integrations are used.

Digital Payment Vouchers and Gift Cards on smartphones.

  • Gift Card Formula

The Gift Card is another situation the vouchers with payment integration are used for. You pay the entire fee in advance and receive a voucher that functions as Gift Card. After you’ve fulfilled your payment, you can forward the Gift Card to the beloved person you want to surprise. The Gift Card is worth as much as you paid in advance.
Example: If someone buys a Gift Card worth 15$, the voucher is evidence of the already paid fee of 15$. The receptor can redeem it once for the predetermined value.

  • Voucher Formula

The voucher formula is a very convenient formula for deposits. People pay the half price in advance and a half afterward. The voucher is the evidence of the payment and the evidence of the restitution that's still owed to the organization. 
Example: If you buy a voucher (worth 100$), you pay 50 in advance and pay 50 when you're validating the payment voucher.

  • Pay upfront and get a discount.

A requirement is that you pay the full price in advance. The voucher is the evidence of your transaction.
Example: if you buy a voucher (worth 20$), you’ll receive a 5$ discount if you pay upfront.

  • Pay (partly) upfront for a future discount

You have to fulfill a (partly) payment to claim the voucher. It could be used in a ‘pre-order’ or ‘deposit’ situation. The voucher is the evidence of your (partly) payment.
Example: If you want to ‘pre-order’ a game before its release, payment vouchers work like this. You fulfill the payment integration and deposit 25$. When you’ve accomplished the requirement, your voucher becomes available. This is the evidence of your payment. When the voucher is validated, it mentions you only have to pay the remaining reduced restitution.

  • Payment Integration for tickets

Vouchers with payment integrations are also convenient for events using entrance tickets. People fulfill the payment integration (fee of the entrance ticket) and receive a voucher (evidence of the payment or the actual ticket). This voucher grants you access to the event when it’s properly validated. Creation, distribution, and validation, it’s all possible with the Coupontools Software.
Example: If someone buys a ticket using the payment integration on the voucher, the voucher will be the actual entrance ticket.

  • Charity Payment before a Coupon is available.

Another situation where payment integrations are used is for campaigns with charity purposes. A company provides discounts whenever the payment is accomplished. The payment, in this case, is a donation to a charity. When the donation is made, you receive a voucher with your discount. It’s a nice tool to help charities with the collection of money and reach some of your business goals.
Example: If someone donates 10$ to charity using the payment integration on the voucher, he’ll unlock a voucher with a future discount.

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Vouchers with Payment Integration
Vouchers with Payment Integration
Vouchers with Payment Integration
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