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Platform Updates! Platform Updates!
Overview of recent updates

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  1. Coupon save2PDF update
    The Save2pdf is fully revised and now also works RTL. (Right to left)
  2. Coupon overview
    Select your preferred Coupon overview. Choose between the traditional phone previews or the brand new list view. The button is situated in the top right corner of the Coupon Overview.
    Platform Updates!
  3. Directory privacy policy 
    Add the URL of your Privacy Policy to your Coupon Directory. Directory Users have to accept the Privacy Policy before they're able to create an account. The feature is located in the Directory Builder at the bottom of the Settings tab.
    Platform Updates!
  4. Loyalty Card Update (Users)
    A Loyalty Card Holder is able to delete his Loyalty Profile. Previously only a Card could be deleted.
    Platform Updates!
  5. Update Coupontools API
    The Coupontools API has been updated. It’s now possible for the admin to add and update subaccounts using our API. Browse through the API documentation to get started.
    Platform Updates!
  6. Passbook updates  
  •  If the passbook app is not installed on Android, it will automatically redirect you to the Google Play Store to download the app. After installation, the mobile coupon is automatically stored in the mobile passbook.
  •  The passbook coupon is more compatible with our HTML5 coupon version now. E.G. When a description is hidden on HTML 5, it is also hidden on the coupon pass in the mobile passbook.

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Platform Updates!
Platform Updates!
Platform Updates!
An overview of our recent updates. 139 10139
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