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Coupon redemption software - easy to use, convenient to redeem Coupon redemption software - easy to use, convenient to redeem

For thousands of businesses looking to go digital and use mobile coupons to provide great savings to their customers right in their hands, it is a matter of concern to find out how their clients can redeem their mobile coupons. With our latest coupon redemption software, there is no need to be worried about it. You can use this software in several ways; the following are some of them:

Direct redemption

With the direct mobile coupon redemption method, the software is programmed to redeem your digital coupon without asking for any action on the customer's end. The customers redeem their coupons by just presenting them to the cashier. The cashier validates the coupon using the Coupontools built-in validation methods or with the POS system. This method allows for faster redemption rates but less data collection.

Redemption after data collection

When the coupon redemption software is programmed to redeem your digital coupons through this method, customers are required to fill in a form before the discount coupon unlocks. The form is fully customizable thus the company asks and requires which data is relevant for them. Various fields can be included like name, email address, phone number, physical address, gender, or any other custom field. The stored data is collected in a database and can be used for future marketing.

Share to redeem

The share to redeem method sets the coupon redemption software to share the received mobile coupon on Facebook account. Once the coupon recipient shares his/her coupon on his/her personal Facebook account, he/she can use it to enjoy the specified discount. This is an effective method to make your product marketing viral. It's a convenient feature for free exposure for your campaign.

Watch a video

If this feature is enabled, users have to watch a video before they have access to your coupon. It's possible to make it required or skippable. 

Make a payment

Using this feature you require users to fulfill a payment before they have access to your digital discount coupon. It's perfect for deposits or if you're offering exclusive, high valuable discounts. Coupontools provide various payment integrations to accept the payment through the digital coupon. Such as Mollie, PayPal, Stripe, or even a custom payment method.

Customized redemption

By this method, the coupon redemption software can be set to the specifications of the client. If a client wants the coupons to be directed to a claims page before they could be redeemed, the same can be done. The customers can be directed to a specified webpage or software to fill out a claims form before using their mobile coupons. These are some of the methods you can use to set the redemption method of your digital coupons. The choice is yours to make!

Digital coupons are the perfect tool to reach multiple business goals at once. Before users are triggered to purchase, they first have to complete a gesture. This gesture represents another business goal of yours. E.g. Kickstarting a customer database or free exposure on social media. If you're looking for more info, navigate to this page.

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Coupon redemption software - easy to use, convenient to redeem
Coupon redemption software - easy to use, convenient to redeem
Coupon redemption software - easy to use, convenient to redeem
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