With our claim options, you can increase engagement with your customers and retrieve more big data. You can combine several claim options for maximum results.

Data capture

Require customers to enter data before claiming the offer. You can specify which input fields should be filled in. All data is stored in the database for remarketing and analysis.

Share on Facebook

Require customers to share on Facebook to obtain the offer. This will create the possibility for viral marketing for your coupon.

Install an app

Require customers to install an app to obtain the discount. After the install clients can proceed with the coupon. You can specify the apps for iOS, Android or Windows smartphones.

Watch a video

Require your customers to watch a video first to obtain the discount. When the video ends, the claimed coupon opens in their phones webbrowser.

Make a payment

Require your customers to make a payment to obtain the discount or voucher. This method can be used for mobile sales or mobile ticketing.

Custom claim method

We offer custom claim methods. We can redirect the claim page to your software or webpage, to develop a custom made solution.

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