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Main advantages of Mobile Wallet proof digital campaigns for businesses

Main advantages of mobile wallet proof digital campaigns for businesses

Mobile Wallets are one of the tools that shouldn’t be overlooked in the 21st century. They have many advantages for the end-user but also the retailers. I have summarized a few benefits every retailer should know concerning Mobile Wallets.

Advantages of Mobile Wallets/Google wallets / Apple wallets

  • Already on the phone. No extra app installs

One of the significant advantages is that the Mobile Wallet application is already on the user’s phone. No additional app installs are necessary for the end-user to use the wallet. Positive news for retailers and other businesses who want to take advantage of mobile wallet marketing actively.

  • User-friendly

The Mobile Wallet itself doesn’t need much explanation. Everyone capable of using a smartphone will also be capable of using the Google or Apple wallet.

  • Always with them

Traditional wallets are easily forgotten or left at home. (at least I do). Thanks to the digital counterpart, those days are over. A Mobile Wallet is always with the audience as long as they have their phone with them. Nowadays, everyone always has. The only thing that can throw a spanner in the work is an uncharged battery or now stable internet connection.

  • Push-notifications

One of the significant advantages of Mobile Wallets; push-notifications. A Apple Wallet or Google Wallet is your access to a customer’s phone. If you have access to the Mobile Wallet and the user allows push-notifications, you can provide very targeted messages. Be creative and launch clear calls to action.

  • Location-based services

The Mobile Wallet is also an excellent proximity marketing tool. You can send automated push-notifications whenever someone is near your store. Add an appealing deal to your notification. It’s a decisive trigger for nearby visitors to take action and visit your store!

  • Secure

Apple and Google Wallets have become highly secure. Mainly because mobile wallets like Google Wallet and Apple Wallet support payments.

  • Stocks digital coupons, vouchers, loyalty cards, tickets

Apart from collecting digital tickets and passes in your Google or Apple Wallet, many more types of campaigns and cards fit in that wallet. Think about digital Coupons, Vouchers, Loyalty Cards. Whenever a client has stored one of these campaigns in their Mobile Wallet, the retailer can effortlessly launch targeted push-notifications. That’s one of the ways to get into the customer’s phone and bend it to your will.


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Main advantages of Mobile Wallet proof digital campaigns for businesses
Main advantages of Mobile Wallet proof digital campaigns for businesses
Main advantages of Mobile Wallet proof digital campaigns for businesses
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