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Loyalty cards, mobile wallet integration

Coupontools always tries to be as innovative as possible. Recently we’ve concerned us about our loyalty cards. 
Except for the ‘Look and Feel’ optimizations of our Loyalty Cards, there’s a couple of major updates we want you to inform you about.

Mobile wallet support?
Now your loyalty card can count on mobile wallet support. This means the customer now has the possibility to save the loyalty card in their mobile wallets such as the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. The customer now always has access to their loyalty card, even without a proper internet connection. It’s also easier to access your loyalty card as you know where to find it. If you’re not used to the wallets, you can also choose to save your loyalty card through e-mail or SMS. You’ll send the URL of the loyalty card to your personal email address.

Another exceptional feature we’ve added to the Loyalty Cards is location-based geofencing. Whenever a Loyalty Card owner is near your store, he’ll receive push notifications with your latest offers or a message which you’ve chosen yourself.  This is a handy tool for stores to generate traffic. You can trigger a loyalty card owner's conversion or remind him that your store is nearby.

If you’re interested in the Loyalty Cards, you can create and practice on our platform! There’s no coding whatsoever required to create amazing Loyalty Cards and optimize your customer loyalty.

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Loyalty cards, mobile wallet integration
Loyalty cards, mobile wallet integration
Loyalty cards, mobile wallet integration
Mobile wallet integrations give loyalty cards various new options! 112 10112
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