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Mobile coupon distribution Mobile coupon distribution

The modern day mobile coupons offer a highly effective to connect with your potential customers quickly and easily. People do not have to scan newspapers in search of valuable traditional coupons, now they can simply use their mobile phones to access the digital coupons in an instant.

Unlike paper coupons, mobile coupons cannot be lost and eco-conscious consumers like the fact that they are better for the environment. Just imagine how you would feel if you received a SMS text that included a coupon to one of your favorite store.

You can also take advantage of this latest trend of using digital coupons and increase your sales and revenues by offering these coupons to millions of potential customers around the globe. Following are some of the mobile coupon distributing methods explained for the convenience of both the users as well as the companies.

1. SMS integration

Probably the best way to send your digital coupons to the target customers is by means of SMS. Latest research reveals that digital coupons delivered via SMS messages are eight times more likely to be redeemed that coupons send via email. A majority of customers who receive these coupons in SMS are likely to open and read them within three minutes of receipt. SMS are considered the best vehicles to effective and timely delivery of your digital coupons. The only difference between the two is the cost; One important factor to consider while using this platform is the proper understanding of your target demographics and the proper time to send these text messages.

2. Email integration

One of the best ways to provide mobile coupons to your existing as well as potential customers is by sending them via the email messages. You can design an effective promotional campaign to collect the email addresses of your potential customers, once in hand you can start sending these mobile coupons on their provided email addresses. The end-users can open and view these digital coupons in their smartphones or in their desktop or laptop computer, in office, at home or on the go. One of the great advantages of sending digital coupons via email is that you can use these email addresses regularly to update them on various discounts and specials.

Mobile coupon distribution
Mobile coupon distribution
Mobile coupon distribution
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