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Mobile wallet stamp card Mobile wallet stamp card

Coupontools launched a new feature for companies to utilize, the Mobile wallet stamp card.


So, what does it mean?

Usually, people use a plastic or a paper stamp card where they collect their stamps after a shopping visit or purchase. However, such a stamp card can often get lost or forgotten. Which means less stamps for the customer.

Coupontools has introduced a new feature called the mobile wallet stamp card. With this feature, customers of companies using Coupontools can place such a stamp card in their mobile wallet (Apple wallet or Google Pay for example).


What are the benefits for Coupontools customers ?


Data analysis

By using this new feature, Coupontools can collect data on customer behaviour, for example. Coupontools customers can then use this data further to identify trends or perform analysis.


More customer engagement

The Mobile wallet stamp card allows businesses to encourage their customers to keep coming back and is a very useful feature to increase your customer engagement. This by, on one hand, encouraging their purchase behaviour as well as keeping them informed of new promotions and offers (Push notifications).



This feature is very easily customizable. For example, companies can very easily set the rewards for completing a card, adjust the branding of the card or the amount of stamps required to their liking.




What do users of your Mobile wallet stamp card get out of it?


Easy to use

The Mobile wallet stamp card is easy to store in your mobile wallet (Google Pass wallet or Apple wallet). It is also easy to track how many stamps someone has and it is also very easy to redeem rewards.


Always in your pocket

As indicated, the Mobile wallet stamp card from Coupontools, is integrated into your mobile wallet. This ensures that you always have your stamp card in your pocket and as a result never forget it or lose it.


Extra advantage

In addition, the Mobile wallet Stamp card from Coupontools is also eco-friendly. In this way, it eliminates the physical cards and is an ideal feature of Coupontools. The eco-friendly side of Coupontools can be passed on to its customers.

That way, companies, customers of Coupontools, are also positively perceived by its customers and also get a better reputation within their market.


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Mobile wallet stamp card
Mobile wallet stamp card
Mobile wallet stamp card
Coupontools launched a new feature for companies to utilize, the Mobile wallet stamp card. 271 10271
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