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7 mobile couponing trends 7 mobile couponing trends

7 mobile couponing trends


When it comes to mobile couponing, there are quite a few recent trends that all of us should be thankful to benefit from, and we wanted to share seven of our favorites.

1) Mobile couponing is gaining attention consumers.

The increasing use of mobile coupons is being driven by greater smartphone and tablet adoption, and the growing number of digital channels offering coupons accessed on mobile devices,
such as mobile apps, daily deals and group buying sites, email and social networks.
When consumers are aware and informed, adoption of digital couponing appears to be very strong. The value to consumers is real and measurable in their resulting retail purchase decisions.

2) Text coupons are becoming interesting!

One of the best ways to save money on your mobile phone is to join the text clubs of your favorite retailers and restaurants.
Collecting coupons this way could not be easier (you'll receive a text message every time a mobile deal is available, the company will text it to you.

3) Combining mobile coupons with mobile wallets

Mobile payment systems have existed for a while, including Google Wallet, Apple Pay. However,
Many people avoided using them because they either were hesitant to store payment information on their phones or they didn't see the benefit of mobile payments.
However, that changed as these systems evolved. Now, most mobile payment systems offer specific coupons to those who use them.

4) You're getting rewards for shopping

Several brands combine mobile coupons with loyalty systems to reward the customers.

5) More retailers are scanning coupons from your phone

A few years ago (when we first had the ability to bring up a coupon on our smartphone), it was rare to find a cashier that was willing to scan the coupon directly from our phone screens.
Now there are dozens and dozens of companies that are more than happy to take them. Companies are happy to scan a coupon from your phone, even if it's web-based and not via text message.

6) More and more people have smartphones and use them

A few years ago only younger people used smartphones; Now you have more and more users from any ages with smartphones.

7) Mobile internet is cheaper and faster

A few years ago the mobile internet was expensive for smartphones. Most mobile phone operators give mobile internet for free in their packages now.
Also, the speed (4G) improves more and more.

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7 mobile couponing trends
7 mobile couponing trends
7 mobile couponing trends
7 mobile couponing trends 25 10025
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