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5 Mothers Day Marketing campaign ideas

5 digital marketing campaign ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, the day that moms get put in the picture by their family. Mother’s Day is an international holiday that takes place on different days depending on the country. We’ll give your business a bit of inspiration on what to offer on Mother’s Day.

  1. Offer mothers a discount and unique experience
    This is so simple, but it means a lot to mothers. Provide women the option to win a unique valuable discount via your gamified coupon. Make sure there are no losers! That's the last thing you want to happen, providing a negative experience on this special day. At Coupontools, we have various (gamified) discount coupon types which can be completely rebranded to your corporate image.

  2. Offer gift cards
    Your business can offer gift cards for Mother’s Day. Convince children and dads to purchase a gift card of your business to present it to their mom or wife. The gift card is worth double on Mother's day, for example. This is a wonderful surprise, and you'll generate a great amount of traffic on Mother's Day. That's something that can be beneficial for potential in-store marketing initiatives you're launching apart from the gift card.

  3. Create a Mother’s Day section on your website
    Your business can create a Mother’s Day section on your website for just 1 week. In this section, you can state the advantages for mothers at your business during this particular week. For example, discounts they can obtain at your store during Mother’s Day. Ship the products on Mother’s Day for free or let mothers claim a gift card or discount coupon.

  4. A family photoshoot
    Let mothers take a photoshoot with their kids and partner at your business. Most families like to do this, and it will increase your customer experience. Let them send those pictures to themselves while you're low-key asking for opt-ins to your newsletters or SMS marketing program for future marketing initiatives. Another clever idea is to add a wonderful digital coupon to the email with the photo, to thank them for their participation.

  5. Collaborate with other businesses
    Let other businesses promote your Mother’s Day deal to increase the traffic. For example, combine forces with other brands that want to put mothers in the picture and provide a goodie bag of different products, vouchers, or gift cards. For example, a restaurant can collaborate with a perfumery. The perfumery gives a free sample of one of their best-sellers, and the restaurants give a gift voucher for a free meal.


Conclusion: Mother's Day Marketing campaign ideas

Mother’s Day is an important day for most people. Because of that, your business needs to be ready to take advantage of this holiday and present those people with a wonderful experience on this special occasion! With these ideas, you will definitely make a lot of families happy. Do you want to know how Coupontools can help you? 

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5 Mothers Day Marketing campaign ideas
5 Mothers Day Marketing campaign ideas
5 Mothers Day Marketing campaign ideas
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