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Whitelabel coupon software platform Whitelabel coupon software platform

A white-label coupon platform is a convenient asset to revolutionize your current marketing approach. But there's more. The Coupontools software is also the perfect fit for white label reselling purposes. I'll get to the bottom of it in this article!

  1. White label software for your purposes
    Our white-label coupon software is perfect for launching the most interactive coupons with your branding. Your customers won't see a single Coupontools connection on any of the digital campaigns you'll launch. Almost every aspect of digital coupons, vouchers, and coupon directories is customizable. You can easily add your logo, select a desirable coupon image, alter all texts displayed on the coupon, edit the powered-by settings, set up validation methods, and many more convenient features.
  2. White label software with reselling purposes
    The Coupontools software is also the perfect fit if you're aiming to resell the Coupontools under your brand. Here's a list of the most relevant advantages.
  • Customize the control panel with your logo
  • Customize the control panel login page with your own background.
  • Customize the control panel colors and buttons.
  • Install the login page to your own website.
  • Set up a trial period for potential customers
  • Resell the software at your own price rates
  • Create, update, remove customer accounts.
  • All coupons, vouchers, gamified coupons, coupon directories are white-labeled
    • you can even add your brand or company name to it.
  • Set up very specific rights: view statistics, update coupon, remove coupon, etc.
  • Decide if customers may use all the available campaign builders, distribution methods, validation methods, or integrations.
  • Customize the campaign URL's / login URL to your domain.
    • This comes in with an additional fee.

Whitelabel coupon software platform


You can easily resell the Coupontools software as if it's yours. You can alter the entire platform's branding, colors, and almost all texts. Furthermore, you can even setup you own pricing and a trial function!

Quite interesting isn't it? Get in touch now to discuss the possibilities for your case!

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Whitelabel coupon software platform
Whitelabel coupon software platform
Whitelabel coupon software platform
Whitelabel coupon software platform 19 10019
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