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White label coupon marketing solutions and software White label coupon marketing solutions and software


Coupons are a proven way to reach multiple business goals such as more visits, more engagement, and more sales. Anyway, digital white label coupons go beyond that, providing even more benefits. More info about white label digital coupons just below:

What are white label digital coupons?
White label means that there’s no reference to the manufacturer. You can design coupons with the Coupontools software but completely rebranded. Upload your logo, your images and give the coupons you design the look and feel of your corporation.

What are the benefits of white label digital coupons?

  • No references of the manufacturerWhite label coupon marketing solutions and software
    • Customers think it’s made by you!
  • Customizability to the fullest!
    • Your logo, texts, images, colors, values,.. almost everything is adjustable.
  • Powered-by settings
    • Possibility to show powered-by settings below every digital coupon. The powered-by settings refer to your company and even redirect to your website!
  • Raises brand awareness and recognition


What kind of campaigns can you create with Coupontools white label coupon software?


White label coupon marketing software?
Within the silver package or gold package, you can customize our entire platform and even resell it as if it’s yours!

How does that work?
The entire platform is customizable so you can resell it under your brand. But what in specific is customizable? 

  • Upload your brand’s logoWhite Label Mobile Marketing Software
  • Set up customized content and introduction pages
  • Set up subaccounts to resell to your customers. Invite potential customers of yours to create campaigns yourself.
  • Assign accurate rights and accesses for every subaccount
  • Create your own price rates
  • Set up a white-labeled registration form on your website to enroll users
  • Customize all platform URLs to show your domains
    • This comes with an extra fee!


Bottom line
One of the most powerful features is the possibility to white label both the digital campaigns you create as well as the Coupontools software. Customize the look and feel to your corporate style and start reselling our software under your brand!

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White label coupon marketing solutions and software
White label coupon marketing solutions and software
White label coupon marketing solutions and software
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