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Mobile technology trends 2015 Mobile technology trends 2015

Mobile technology trends in 2015

According to a study, about 78% of the internet access would be done through smartphones in this year. Mobile has wonderfully grown from a simple calling device to a powerful machine today. Talking about the current situation, businesses have found mobile apps and websites as a powerful tool for marketing. Not only just promotion, they have also turned out to be great revenues earners for many.
These trends are expected to have a strong effect on users and businesses worldwide.

Number of Apps gonna Increase Rapidly: The mobile app development rate is expected to be the highest this year. As business persons are rapidly identifying the importance of apps for the growth of their organizations, there will be a huge increase in the number. Small or large, well-established or newly setup, this year every business will aim at having an app of their own.

Some Breakthrough Improvements in Mobile Payments: With the launch of "Apple Pay" last year, there is a great probability for the payment process to get improved and secure. Following the footsteps of Apple, many organizations are planning to add special features for enabling secure payment at their sites.

This year is gonna be great in terms of improvement in mobile technology.
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Mobile technology trends 2015
Mobile technology trends 2015
Mobile technology trends 2015
Mobile technology trends 2015 18 10018
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