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Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing

A digital coupon campaign send out through SMS. Where do I start?

Text marketing / SMS marketing is considered an old-fashioned marketing communication method. But old-fashioned isn’t true. Text messaging marketing is still expanding as every year the share of marketing-related text messages also grows. If you aren’t using SMS communication right now, this article shows you why should and where to start.

  1. Acquiring data
    If you haven’t got any ready-to-use customer database with phone numbers, that’s the first thing to take care of. Think through if you want to start a database of your own or if you’re going to hire an audience. We always recommend the first one. Starting a database of your own means that the audience is yours. This might be an investment in advance, but is really going to pay off in the end.

    Some useful methods to gather personal data are mobile marketing kiosks, loyalty programs, digital coupons with claim requirements, and so on. Make sure you require users to fill out their phone number and opt-in that you use that phone number for promotional efforts.
  2. Create digital coupons with Coupontools Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing
    If you have a ready-to-use customer database, you can start at this step. Create digital coupons. At Coupontools, you’re provided with all the necessary and most innovative tools to design the most interactive digital campaigns. Campaigns such as digital coupons, gamified coupons, vouchers, loyalty cards, or digital coupon directories. Every campaign type is completely customizable to your branding. Furthermore, Coupontools offers various distribution methods (such as text messaging, e-mail, QR code, Website,..). To guarantee secure and fraud-proof campaigns, Coupontools provides various highly secure validation methods to guarantee customers can only use your digital campaign once!
  3. Connect Coupontools with SMS provider
    Once you have gathered a customer database and created your digital campaign, it’s time to set up or connect your SMS software. We have 2 different methods for this:

    Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing
  • In-house SMS software: Simply navigate to the coupon you want to distribute. When you’re in the coupon builder, go to ‘launch’. At the launch section, select ‘SMS marketing’. Now you’re automatically logged into your Coupontools in-house SMS software. With this messaging software, you’re going to send out your digital coupon.

  • External SMS software
    To have your current SMS software connected with Coupontools we have to establish some API connections. All information can be found in the documentation. This will require some time to set up, but it’s really worth it in the end.
  1. Import lists to SMS software
    If you have a list of customer data, you can easily import it into the SMS software. Add contacts manually, import an entire list, or even convert existing lists.
  2. Compose message & Add Coupon
    Most of the hard work is already done. You have gathered a customer list, created your digital campaign, and set up the SMS software you want to send out with. Great! Time to compose your message and add the right coupon to your SMS!
    You can easily compose the text and even add [field names] that are replaced by personal elements. This way, you can send out your messages in bulk but still offer the recipient a personal experience. It really is the best of both worlds.
  3. Launch!
    Once you went through all the above-mentioned steps, your campaign is ready to launch!

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Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing
Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing
Digital coupon campaigns distributed with SMS / text messaging marketing
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