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WiFi marketing coupons WiFi marketing coupons

Offer promotions on your free Wi-Fi to attract customers

WiFi marketing is one of the most innovative and effective ways to advertise. It is about communicating a message or content directly to potential customers or users near the point of emission. Technically, it is the creation of a coverage area based on Wi-Fi wireless technology that enables anyone with a mobile device (laptops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, etc.) equipped with Wi-Fi technology to connect to and access the services or content that has been made available.

Spread mobile coupons with wifi networks

Why Wi-Fi marketing?

Users are ever more searching for free Wi-Fi in order to access the Internet to work, check email, access social networks or for texting.

How to integrate Wi-Fi marketing coupons?

  • Create attractive mobile coupons with our software.
  • Provide a free Wi-Fi service and deliver highly targeted mobile coupons to engage local consumers.
  • Setup your Wi-Fi router to redirect automatic to our mobile coupon location after connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Please note: not all internet routers have this redirect option. Contact your IT & network specialist for details about your internet router.

Do you have any questions? Contact the support team for more information.

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WiFi marketing coupons
WiFi marketing coupons
WiFi marketing coupons
WiFi marketing coupons 17 10017
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