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Coupontools Affiliate Program Coupontools Affiliate Program

Always wondered how you can launch engaging campaigns but also effortlessly earn some extra money? Listen up!

Coupontools has rolled out a completely new affiliate program. It’s now possible for customers to resell the Coupontools platform as an affiliate. For every generated sale, the affiliate receives a commission.

How do I start?
Simple. There are no obligations. An affiliate program is an option that’s visible in the left-side menu. You have to copy your personal affiliate URL and promote it on your website, web app, socials,... We have also added some marketing materials for you to simplify the promotion of the affiliate URL.

Coupontools Affiliate Program

You receive 20%! Commission for every sale generated through your personal affiliate URL. Have a look at what the annual commission fees in USD look like per package.

Coupontools Affiliate Program

For the full explanation, I suggest visiting the affiliate program in your own Coupontools account.

Coupontools Affiliate Program
Coupontools Affiliate Program
Coupontools Affiliate Program
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