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Offer a phygital customer experience in-store with digital coupons Offer a phygital customer experience in-store with digital coupons

You might already have heard the word quite a lot 'Phygital Marketing.' But what is it in particular?

Phygital: An amalgamation of the terms Physical & Digital.

Phygital Marketing: The concept merges the essential aspects of digital and physical marketing to optimize the customer experience.

Often it's done by enhancing the physical experience with a digital one. There are some Use Cases about a phygital marketing approach at the end of this article.

QR – code / NFC

The difference?

QR Codes: Quick Response codes are two-dimensional barcodes. They can store a lot more information than the ubiquitous UPC or EPC codes we see, marking grocery and retail products. First used for keeping track of automotive parts, they are now predominantly being used in advertising campaigns, directing customers to websites to provide more information about an item and allowing it to be purchased. They are also being used to send emails, give out coupon codes, and deliver information about historical sites.

Customer scanned a QR Code and a Digital Coupons opens on the smartphone.

NFC: Near Field Communication is a radio-frequency technology that allows data transmission between an NFC tag and an NFC-enabled device. NFC tags can do what QR codes are being used for and even more because they use embedded chips. Currently, NFC tags are mainly used for processing payments and social media promotions.

Smartphone interacting with NFC and automatically opens Digital Coupon on smartphone.

Application: It's easy to redirect your audience straight to the webpage or video you want. Your audience doesn't have to enter any URL. They have to hold their phone close enough to the sign (when NFC is enabled) or scan the QR code. The only thing you have to take care of a URL behind the QR code or connected to the NFC-tag. It's possible to redirect your audience to more information, a video, a coupon,… In short, it's possible to redirect the user all over the web.

Mobile Marketing Kiosk
A mobile marketing kiosk is a device placed in a physical store. Visitors can interact with it. The mobile marketing kiosk is used for several purposes, such as customer satisfaction research, surveys, newsletter registrations,...
Customers can also send themselves your latest digital discounts using a mobile marketing kiosk. It's a double win for the merchant. The visitor is triggered to make a purchase thanks to the digital discounts. If the visitor wants to receive the discount, he must enter a valid email address or mobile phone number. Data that is carefully stocked to use for your next campaigns. Another application of a mobile marketing kiosk is hosting a game on it. Let customers play a game on your mobile marketing kiosk and reward them with a discount afterward. Again, the winners have to enter their email addresses or phone number to get the discount. 

Mobile Marketing Kiosk with phone number opt-in to send Digital Coupons to your smartphone.

Since everyone's smartphone is always connected, WiFi marketing is a recommendable feature to optimize the in-store customer experience. You have to make sure you promote your WiFi network well. Customers will be pleased with it and connect without any doubts. It's very beneficial for you, the Merchant. Before the customers can connect with your WiFi, the Merchant can set up requirements that have to be fulfilled. When that's done, the customers will be offered a nice (Gamified) Mobile Coupon/discount.

Smartphone connected with wifi network automatically opens Digital Coupon.

Quite impressive, isn't it. If you use these tools, you will succeed in enhancing the physical shop experience with a digital one. Do you want some real-life examples? Please browse through our Use cases and see how it is done!

Any questions? Get in touch!

Offer a phygital customer experience in-store with digital coupons
Offer a phygital customer experience in-store with digital coupons
Offer a phygital customer experience in-store with digital coupons
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