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Generate store traffic with digital discounts when reopening after lockdown. Generate store traffic with digital discounts when reopening after lockdown.

Promote your business with digital discounts when reopening

I hope that the worst already lies behind us and that better times are just ahead. However, worldwide countries are slowly coming out of their lockdowns and explaining their (partly) exit strategies. Is your businesses’ exit plan ready to roll out? We have a few tips & tricks you need to keep in mind.

1.      Measures
The first few weeks after the lockdown will be nothing like you expect. Even though the measures will be more flexible, the footfall in the city will only increase step by step. People are still concerned about the situation and will remain suspicious for possible infections.

Every store that’s planning to reopen needs to ensure they exactly follow their government’s safety measures. Pay attention to follow them as strictly as possible. If you lack so, potential customers will lack to visit your store since they’re still concerned about potential infections. Arrange a strict policy about the max. amount of store visitors, think about how you’re going to verify it, and take as many direct hygiene measures. Even if the government doesn’t obligate you to use (e.g., disinfectant hand gel), that’s where you can make the difference. Make people feel safe in your store. If people aren’t feeling comfortable at your store, they’re likely to rush out without converting.

Keep in mind you also need to communicate about the current measures in your store. In the current situation, the measures you take can be considered as a USP. Pay close attention to guarantee the visitors’ safety and communicate about what you’re doing to offer the visitors a safe shopping experience.

2.      Generate footfall to your store
Since footfall in the cities will be sparse, it’s time to think through how you’re going to attract customers to your store. Digital discounts are thé tool to generate the necessary foot traffic to your store. But I can already hear you thinking out loud: I don’t have the margin to hand out discount and need to work around the loss I’ve suffered due to the lockdown. You’ll have to find a way to trigger store visits, and if you aren’t launching any discounts, your competitors will. It will be even more harmful to your business if your competitors lure all your potential customers to their store.

Digital discount coupons
People will barely find their way naturally back to your store. So you need to grab their attention with appealing deals to stimulate store visits. You also need to keep in mind that the discount only functions as a traffic generator. Most people who visit a store will buy more than merely the discount product.

Digital Slot Machine Coupon attracts visitors to your restaurant.

Create digital discount coupons, with or without gamification at the Coupontools platform. You’ll have your digital coupons ready within the blink of an eye. It’s very user-friendly, economical and there’s no development knowledge needed to make the most appealing digital discount coupons. Digital coupons easily integrate into the communication channels you’re already using. This way, you’re sure your digital coupons will reach the right audience in a cost-efficient way. If you’re handing out discounts, coupon abuse is the last thing you want to happen. That’s why you should partner up with an experienced partner in the scene. So you don’t stumble on any negative surprises.

Voucher – solution
If you have stayed partly in business or whipped up a solution to generate some revenue while in lockdown, you have already done a great job!

Digital payment vouchers or gift card solutions are a great tool to help some businesses already ease the pain. Customers/fans can buy a digital gift card from their favorite store online. This way, merchants are assured of generating some revenue, and the customer is sure he will receive their order when times are better.

Digital Payment Vouchers and Gift Cards on smartphones.

This way, vouchers are also considered a traffic generator. If businesses are reopening, people will come to redeem their vouchers for goods. To redeem the voucher, they need to visit your store. You need to use that opportunity. On the one hand, to re-express your gratitude for their support, on the other hand, to try to sell more products to the visitor.

There will be two major issues when stores are reopening after the lockdown. First,  you have to find a way to attract visitors to your store. Digital discount coupons will help you attract desirable store visits. Next, make sure you take the necessary safety measurements to make people feel comfortable in your store. Do not forget to communicate clearly about your store’s reopening, digital discounts, and the measures you take to guarantee a safe shopping environment.

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Generate store traffic with digital discounts when reopening after lockdown.
Generate store traffic with digital discounts when reopening after lockdown.
Generate store traffic with digital discounts when reopening after lockdown.
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