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Revive your city tourism with digital coupons Revive your city tourism with digital coupons

Tourism worldwide has sunken to an all-time low. Countries worldwide are in lockdown, trying to protect their citizens against the Covid-19. Tourist destinations are desperate and search for ways to reboot the foot traffic in their cities after the pandemic. When will times get better? There’s no valid answer to that. The only thing you can do now is to ensure you’re ready to roll out your ‘revive the city campaign’ when the situation improves. Here’s how digital coupons contribute to that. 

Digital coupons
It’s a proven fact that digital coupons are excellent traffic generators and the perfect way to revive the city after the lockdown. But if every merchant offers them separately, some will be left behind. In this case, it’s better to combine forces and kickstart a mobile coupon directory together. A great angle to start a mobile coupon directory is when you launch one within your city app. The app exists already and already has exposure. That is a real shortcut in comparison to kickstarting an entirely new app. Furthermore, a coupon directory integrates seamlessly into your existing app. So, What are you waiting for?

What is a mobile coupon directory?
A mobile coupon directory is a collection of various digital coupons within one digital catalog. Within the directory, you'll find these fantastic features.

  • Group Mobile Coupons in one Mobile App. Revive your city tourism with digital coupons
  • Featured deals
  • Categorize your Mobile Coupons to improve the user-friendliness
  • Search Functionality to browse through the coupons
  • Payment Integrations 
  • GPS Location and Maps Integration
  • Integrates with your Website, App, or Facebook Tab
  • User Registration to collect relevant data
  • Each partner has a sub-account, and the admin decides the rights.
  • Share Coupons with friends

How to get started?

  • Gather participating merchants

If you want to start a mobile coupon directory in your city, a logical first step is to gather some participating merchants. Explain the idea and what there are expected from them. Tell the merchants about the benefits a collaboration will bring and how you’re going to get the most out of it. Think through if you’re working with a registration fee for merchants or if you’re going to give your city a boost for free without a particular business model. It’s all possible.

  • Create coupons for them or give them precise rights to create coupons themselves.

This is an important one. Think through if you’re going to create the coupons for all the merchants or if you want to set up accurate for the city merchants to create the coupons themselves. Using the Coupontools platform to create your digital coupons offers you many choices in which types of coupons you want to publish. The other benefit is that you can set up precise rights for your sub-accounts (the merchants) and let them create the digital coupons themselves.  The merchants are also capable of adding digital coupons to the directory and view the coupon statistics afterward.

TIP: If you’re going to create the merchant's coupons, it’s recommended you charge a participation fee of your merchants because you’ll do most of the work. The benefit is that you remain in complete charge. Another exciting option within the Coupontools platform, the review manager feature. Every sub-account (a merchant) first sends you his created coupon. You remain in charge to approve it or not. If approved, you can add the digital coupon to your digital city coupon directory.

  • Implement the City Coupon Directory as a tab in your app

If everything ran smoothly, it is time to implement your mobile coupon directory into your app. Search for a great name for your Coupon Directory: ‘City Deals’ or something like that. It has to be very clear for the user. Once the mobile coupon directory is implemented, it is ready for the users to browse through it and redeem their favorite coupons!

Revive your city tourism with digital coupons
Revive your city tourism with digital coupons
Revive your city tourism with digital coupons
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