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A mobile marketing kiosk and its usage A mobile marketing kiosk and its usage

A Mobile Marketing Kiosk and its usage

Always wondered how to kickstart a customer database or to extend your existing one? Search no more, a Mobile Marketing Kiosk is exactly what you’re looking for. I’ll give you an overview of how to set one up, what’s special about it, and some Mobile Marketing Kiosk applications using the Coupontools Software.

What is it exactly? Coupontools Mobile Marketing Kiosk software on laptop with and a Mobile Marketing Kiosk on a tablet.
A Mobile Marketing Kiosk is an easy to set up and cost-effective Mobile Marketing Tool for in-store data capture. A Merchant places a tablet or other device in the store. The Merchant decides what the purpose of the Mobile Marketing Kiosk is and which data is gathered. With the Kiosk Builder Coupontools provides, you’re in full control of the layout and functionalities of the Kiosk. You decide which data is asked and for what purposes.

Applications of the Mobile Marketing Kiosk
The Mobile Marketing Kiosk is used for multiple purposes. Here’s an overview of a few common ones.

  • Surveys
    In need of some customer feedback? Mobile Marketing Kiosks are ideal for Customer (Satisfaction) Surveys. Display your survey in the Kiosk, and customers fill out the form anonymously or with data capture at the end. It’s easy to set up, user-friendly, and easy to manage. Apart from customer data, customer feedback is something that might even be more valuable.
  • Opt-ins
    Gather the customer opt-ins you want effortlessly. These opt-ins can be anything you want, from a phone number opt-in for promotional messages or an email address opt-in for your newsletter. You decide which conversion you want your customers to make.
  • Send Promotions
    Another huge advantage of the Mobile Marketing Kiosk is that customers can send themselves your latest promotional offers. This can be Mobile Coupons, Loyalty Cards, or Mobile Coupon Directories.  This effects in a significantly higher Redemption rate of those Coupons. A Mobile Marketing Kiosk grants more insights into the Customer Transaction Lifecycle.

  • Check-in themselves
    For hotels and restaurants, the Kiosk provides another exceptional feature. With the tool, guests can check themselves in. You’re in charge of which crucial data needs to be entered to be successfully checked in.

Those applications also perform seamlessly together. For example, a hotel can easily let their guests check themselves in. After the check-in, the guests can send promotions to themselves. You leave the guests in charge whether they’re up for promotions or not.

Questions concerning the Mobile Marketing Kiosk?
Please have a chat with the support team to discuss it for your case!

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A mobile marketing kiosk and its usage
A mobile marketing kiosk and its usage
A mobile marketing kiosk and its usage
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