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Meet us at the BAM Congress Meet us at the BAM Congress

Meet us at BAM, what to expect

The end of the year is near, time to prepare for the BAM congress, The Belgian Association of Marketing Congress in Brussels. It’s a professional Marketing association in Belgium.

Listening to valuable experiences of other marketing managers, active in different businesses is indispensable for organisations in our line of business. We need to stay tuned on the latest tech updates and the most relevant marketing tools in order to stay relevant in the industry.

This year it’s BAMS’ 5th edition. Congrats! It’s improving year by year but they should be proud of what they've already realised. Every year they manage to gather influential marketing managers from different industries. Those expert opinions are beneficial and indispensable for the maintenance and growth of Belgian industries.

These are a couple of the initiatives BAM hosts every year.

  • Events
    BAM hosts a couple of awards through the year like: ‘Master Marketer’, Marketer of the Year, Belgium’s New Brand of the Year,… With these events BAM stimulates marketing managers to meet, to share knowledge and to discuss topics. The Marketing Congress is the annual closing event.

  • Trainings and Workshops
    BAM provides a variety of educations, trainings and workshops for both rookies and skilled marketers. BAM is there for anyone who want to improve their knowledge about specific expertise, marketing and tech trends and innovative tools. They offer tailored trainings for business teams.

  • Expert Hubs
    Expert hubs have an important place in BAM’S programme. If you participate in an expert hub, it means you’re part of a enhanced ‘think tank’. Every expert hub deep dives in particular (marketing) scene. These Expert Hubs provide content within BAM.

  • Legal & Lobbying
    Participate with governments,  criticize files which affect us, contribute to a legislation which is meaningful and correct for both consumer and marketer. If we keep combining forces, they have to listen to our opinions about legislation subjects.


Coupontools will be represented at the closing Marketing Congress. We’ll host an exhibition stand at the Start Up Lab. If you’re going yourself, you should definitely visit us! We’re present at the Congress to describe our latest innovative platform updates, to explain what we could signify for any business and to network with possible prospects.

We hope to see you at the congress, we’re looking forward to meet up with you!

Meanwhile, if you have some spare time, feel free to explore the Coupontools Software Platform.

Click here to browse through our Use Cases!

Meet us at the BAM Congress
Meet us at the BAM Congress
Meet us at the BAM Congress
BAM congress, what to expect 120 10120
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