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6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy 6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy

6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy

WhatsApp’s messaging service is widely used all over the world. Nowadays, more and more businesses are searching for ways to implement WhatsApp in their existing Marketing efforts. Learn more about a few of the most interesting advantages of WhatsApp in comparison with traditional SMS messages.

  1. Cheaper
    WhatsApp is an online messaging application. There’s just a little cost attached to the messages businesses send, which depends on which country you’re sending messages. In comparison with traditional SMS messages, WhatsApp is a true relief for businesses who want to use message marketing more often soon.
  2. More options than traditional SMS
    With WhatsApp, your one-on-one communication options raise. Except for text messages, you can also send free attachments such as photos, videos. You’re able to add emojis to your messages, which makes your message more visual and attracts the readers’ attention.
    WhatsApp provides a couple of formatting options to make your messages more attractive. To italicize text, put it between underscores, and to make it bold, put it between asterisks.
  3. Real-time customer chat
    With the WhatsApp messaging service, you’re capable of offering real-time customer service. You can provide the customer with text, voice, or video answers. It’s also very user-friendly and makes your customers feel appreciated because they received one-on-one support.
     It’s not just customer service that WhatsApp can be used for. It’s also perfect to launch contests, take orders from your clients through WhatsApp, or provide your customers with personalized discounts.
  4. Enormous open & usage ratio
    WhatsApp has an extremely high open ratio. WhatsApp has become a habit of many phone users. This explains the high open ratio. A whopping 98% of the messages are opened, with almost 90% of the messages opened within 3 seconds when they received the message. WhatsApp has become a habit of many smartphone users. Companies have to find a way to make usage of that established habit. With 1.5 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is by far the most used alternative to traditional text messages.
  5. Add personalized promotions with Coupontools
    WhatsApp's messaging service isn’t only cheaper than traditional SMS but enables a lot more functions. You’re able to communicate very intimately with your customers. It is, therefore, a convenient tool to provide your customers with personalized Coupons. Sending Coupons out of the blue to your audience isn’t allowed. It’s considered spam, so we don’t recommend doing it.

    6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy

    But you can go your way around. Let clients send themselves your Coupon. The only thing you have to provide is a QR Code or an URL in your store or wherever you’d like. A customer then, voluntarily, scans the QR Code or enters the URL. He’ll immediately receive a WhatsApp message with instructions on how to claim the Coupon. The customer will be redirected to his personalized Coupon. WhatsApp is approachable for everyone and is massively used worldwide. If you use Coupontools, your clients can share the Coupon with their contacts. Don’t worry; of course, the Coupon remains single use. 
  6. Business app – made with small businesses in mind
    WhatsApp also has a special app for businesses, with their focus on the smaller ones. The app includes all the normal features with a couple of necessary features for businesses also.
  • Labels: There’s the possibility to label chats, so you have a better overview of what type of customer you’re speaking with.
  • Quick Replies: You’re able to save messages you use often or in particular situations. This is a real time-saver and guarantees correct answers for your customers.
  • Automated messages: The business app offers an automated messages service. In a couple of situations, it’s possible to automate the process. You’re able to set up greeting messages or away messages.
  • Statistics: Digital messages guarantee insights. With the Business app, you dispose over a statistics page. Sent messages, delivered messages, opened messages, average response time are just a couple of insights WhatsApp Business has to offer.

Hopefully, you’ve come to know more about the usage of WhatsApp in a MarCom environment. If you want to take your WhatsApp Marketing efforts to the next level and use it as a coupon distribution method, you should consider the Coupontools Platform.

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6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy
6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy
6 Reasons to use WhatsApp in your existing MarCom strategy
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