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Updated SMS Software Updated SMS Software

Latest updates of the SMS Software

SMS software already exists for a long time but gets more enhanced every day. That’s a reason how it maintains its usability for various Marketing purposes.  
For example, you can send your coupons through SMS, send location based messages and there’s more. 

The latest updates of the SMS Software are the following ones:

  1. Scheduling
    With the Coupontools SMS software you’re able to schedule your messages. You compose your message, select your receivers and you’re able to select when the message needs to be send.
  2. Automated birthday messages
    Our latest SMS software update is the option to send automated birthday messages to your audience. Our enhanced software searches for persons who have their birthday at the current day. Those who meet the criteria will receive a special birthday message at the specific time you’ve setup. You can add digital coupons, discounts or rewards to your text messages. A paragon of a hyper personalized offer these days. Did I already mention the birthday messages are fully automated? You just have to create a template text message once, set the right instructions and the software takes care of the rest.

If you want to know more about the existing features, please visit this page.

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Updated SMS Software
Updated SMS Software
Updated SMS Software
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