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What are gamified mobile promotions?

Oct 05, 2016 Coupontools

The popularity of mobile gaming is riding high on success across the globe. You can find people playing Pokémon Go, Candy Crush, Temple Run and many other gaming utopias. People play mobile games during the time they spent in elevators, in restaurants while waiting for somebody, while travelling and other settings. People really like these games and here brands can play their master stroke. 

In gamified mobile promotions brands can incorporate incentives like mobile coupons that the user can receive after playing the game. He or she can take benefit of the digital coupons while enjoying the service of the brand. Different incentives can make the user remain glued with the services of the brand. 

For instance, if a restaurant chain makes use of mobile gamification, it can offer fully customized mobile coupons with their branding.  The incentives for the users can be in the form of free small food perks with every visit to that restaurant. This will indirectly make the user engage with the services of that restaurant. 

Sales of companies who use gamified marketing have risen significantly as it is the smart and innovative way to capture the attention of users and pave their way towards the brands' services.

Popular games make users engage with businesses and it works on the human psychology of offering incentives for free. The trend of gamified mobile offers is being tapped by many big corporations all over the world.

What are gamified mobile promotions?
What are gamified mobile promotions?
What are gamified mobile promotions?
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