What is mobile engagement?

Mobile engagement is a proactive method of pushing compelling experiences to mobile users at the right time and place. By connecting with consumers and stimulating their interest at precise moments and locations, the uptake and conversion rates are extremely high. Furthermore, by creating fun and enticing interactions, the users are significantly more likely to advocate for their experiences with you or your client's brand.

Coupontools has a proven mobile engagement platform that is effective at appealing to a diverse range of audiences. This platform enables you to engage and capture the mobile user through the use of mobile coupons and other promotional media. By connecting with, rather than selling to, we facilitate longer-term relationships, expand social footprints, and encourage advocacy.

Once the connection has been established, marketers have an open door to continue fostering loyalty and enhancing reputation. Mobile engagement campaigns can be customized to collect consumer data, therefore yielding powerful insights that can be leveraged into specialized remarketing efforts.

For marketers everywhere, connecting customer behaviors across channels is more important than ever. In this age of the customer, blanket, batch and blast messages no longer resonate with buyers - they are just another communication lost in the clutter. Today's marketers must connect behaviors from their customers' habits across channels to deliver the most targeted messages possible.

What is Mobile Engagement?

Mobile engagement
What is mobile engagement?
What is mobile engagement?
What is mobile engagement?
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