SMS Couponing - Send coupons by SMS/TEXTING


Mobile Coupons

Here is something that can really help your business get the word out and cut costs – mobile coupons. These are not the traditional coupons that you put in the local paper. They are paperless coupons that people can use with their smart phones.

Mobile coupons are a smarter way to offer discounts on your products or services.

What is SMS Couponing?

SMS Couponing refers to the practice of sending coupons through SMS (short message service) also referred to as text messaging or texting. It is a great way to introduce your products or services to potential clients on their cell phones and attract them to make purchases by means of availing these great discounts.

If you are thinking how you will be able to manage sending these coupons to thousands of your targeted clients, the answer is through Bulk Messaging.

What is Bulk Messaging?

Bulk messaging refers to sending your Mobile coupons to thousands or even tens of thousands of subscribers. Bulk messaging allows you to save considerably on printing and advertising costs. There are many service providers who deal with managing your bulk massaging for a small fee.

How to generate list of potential clients

There is a whole process of generating a list of names of your targeted clients. Your business website and your social media page can play a vital role in generating this list. To get your subscribers fast, you can offer them incentives for signing up like a freebie or great discounts.

Once the list of subscribers has been generated, you can provide it to your bulk messaging service provider along with a short coupon code. Your bulk massaging service providers will then send your short message and the discount code to all the subscribers on the list.

You can even use QR codes - the modern day version of bar codes, which are scan able on all the smart phones and can be used instantaneously. One important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that everyone on the list has subscribed voluntarily. Avoid sending to clients who have not subscribed, it is considered spamming and is illegal.

Benefits of SMS couponing

As more and more people are going mobile, SMS couponing is a great way to get them to come to your business. Some of the benefits of mobile coupons are as under:

  • the cheapest and the simplest form of advertising that small, medium and big companies could all make use of
  • the number of people using smart phone is growing at a rapid pace throughout the world
  • with SMS couponing you can be assured that your target customers really receive your coupons, read them and use them instantaneously
  • it is great for targeted advertising
  • there is no chance of losing the mobile coupons, as they are always safe in the message unless the receiver deletes them
  • no use of papers, therefore it is nice for the environment
SMS Couponing texting
SMS Couponing - Send coupons by SMS/TEXTING
SMS Couponing - Send coupons by SMS/TEXTING
SMS Couponing - Send coupons by SMS/TEXTING
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