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Mobile marketing campaigns with accurate return on investment (ROI) overview Mobile marketing campaigns with accurate return on investment (ROI) overview

Merchants are always complaining about the difficulty of having an accurate overview of ROI when using coupon campaigns. What if those days are over? With the digital coupons from Coupontools, you'll end up with a precise overview of the money you spent on your campaigns and what the campaigns brought you.

Paper VS. Digital
In comparison with traditional paper coupons, digital coupons have one significant benefit. Traceability. Every step of the digital Coupon is trackable. This provides you an accurate overview of your digital coupons' number of opens, claims, and redemptions. 

Furthermore, you can also track coupons validated by specific stores separately. Using the merchant validation password, you know exactly which store validated that Coupon. Convenient insights.

Return on investment (ROI)
Merchants are looking for ways to measure their ROI on marketing campaigns. They want to know how much their advertising yielded. This is necessary to analyze afterward to conclude if your campaigns were as successful as you thought. 

Using the Coupontools software to create digital coupons, you can easily track and analyze your ROI. We provide 2 different options to do so.


  • Request Money Spent Value after validation
    Using this method, a modal pops up right after the validation of the Coupon. In the modal, the cashier has to fill out the billing amount for that person. This way, you'll end up with an overview of how much revenue every Coupon brought you and at which cost. 

  • Ask for more user data after validation
    Enable this feature if you want to ask for more user data after successful coupon validation. A modal pops up right after successful validation. This method's advantage is that you can ask for more relevant customer data to attach to this Coupon.

E.g.  A restaurant launches digital restaurant coupons through Facebook ads. The entire campaign (going from creation, distribution, and the discount value) costs 1000$. Using digital coupons, you can accurately check what it brought you. Using the 'total money spent value' or 'ask for more data after validation'. This way, the cashier enters the billing amount in the modal. Now you know exactly how much revenue that Coupon generated. If you do this for all your coupons, you'll end up with a detailed ROI overview of your entire campaign.


Campaign cost: 1000$
Number of coupon validation: 250
Total Money Spent Value: 2500$

The 250 coupons, which cost you 1000$, generated 2500$ revenue. It means the return on your investment is 1500$.


Traditional paper coupons will still get the job done. However, if you don’t take the step to a digital approach, you’ll miss various crucial features. Digital provides you with way more and more complete statistics of your campaigns. It gives you more insights into the campaign open, claim, and redeem rate, generates customer data, and provides you a detailed ROI overview. Now you know exactly what came in at what costs.

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Mobile marketing campaigns with accurate return on investment (ROI) overview
Mobile marketing campaigns with accurate return on investment (ROI) overview
Mobile marketing campaigns with accurate return on investment (ROI) overview
Digital coupons are capable of providing merchants an detailed ROI overview 173 10173
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