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Coupon distribution made easy!!

Today we launched our updated coupon distribution functions.
We added distribution options for websites, blogs, social media, QR-codes, email distribution.

QR codes
You can create QR codes in different colors etc.

Send mobile coupons by email : complete email integration
We have integrated the 2 largest email infrastructures of the world into our software.
You do not need any knowledge of API's, HTML to distribute coupons by email!
You are able to create unlimited databases and import them.
You can connect Coupontools in 1 minute to Sendgrid or Mandrill (from Mailchimp) and then you are able to send coupons from within Coupontools.

Unique single-use coupons
You can set every coupon layout to:

  • Multi-use
    This receiver of this coupon can send his email to friends and the coupons can be used multiple times.
  • Single-use
    This receiver of this coupon can only use this coupon 1 time. Our system will create automatic single use codes and put a unique code in every email sent through our system.
Coupon distribution made easy!
Coupon distribution made easy!
Coupon distribution made easy!
Coupon distribution made easy! 16 10016
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