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Brand-new coupon builder!! Brand-new coupon builder!

Yes, we did it!

It's with great excitement that we announce that the Coupontools platform has had an enormous update.

The entire platform has undergone a complete make-over. We’ve added new features and improved the existing ones, exactly tailored to the needs of our audience. The whole trial formula has also changed. Trials now can try all features, spread over the different packages. Switch plans at ‘plans and prices’ at the Coupontools' platform.

Besides these upgrades, we’ve also restyled the coupon, loyalty and directory builders at the platform. The entire look and feel have changed and we made sure the platform is more user-friendly than ever before.

Experience the changes yourself! 

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Brand-new coupon builder!
Brand-new coupon builder!
Brand-new coupon builder!
The platform has undergone a major update. 141 10141
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