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10 reasons why Coupontools is your preferred partner for mobile couponing 10 reasons why Coupontools is your preferred partner for mobile couponing

10 reasons why Coupontools is your preferred partner for mobile marketing

Coupontools is an overall mobile marketing solution with different promotional options. We have a lot of innovative features to offer (to) our clients. Here you’ll read 10 different reasons why our partners preferred Coupontools to work with.

  1. Digital Coupons & Gamified Coupons
    Coupontools offers a lot of different digital coupon types. You have normal coupons with discounts and a wide range of gamified coupons such a spin & win, scratch & win, and slot machines to enhance customer engagement. You can also create vouchers with the platform.
  2. Coupon directory / mobile marketing kiosk
    The coupon directory is another interesting feature the Coupontools’ platform has to offer. You’ll be able to gather all your coupons in one place. You’re also able to categorize your coupons, and there’s even a search functionality implemented to raise the ease of use. With the Mobile Marketing Kiosk feature, gathering customer data was never so easy. You can set it up online or at your physical store to collect, for example, newsletter registrations.
  3. Loyalty Cards/system
    Another convenient feature of the Coupontools online platform are loyalty cards. There are three different types of loyalty cards. You can create your own loyalty cards and customize the look and feel and functionality features to your own needs. The Coupontools platform also enables you to distribute the loyalty cards and validate them. All customer data is carefully stocked and very accessible. Users can save the loyalty card in their own mobile wallet. There are even possibilities of sending push notifications to activate your loyalty card users.
  4. All-In-one platform - creation, distribution, and validation.
    According to our existing clients, one of the biggest advantages is the fact we offer an “all-in-one solution” for businesses. The Coupontools platform is very user-friendly and foresees everything needed to create, distribute, and validate ‘Homemade’ coupons. There are many pre-set templates that you can use. Every aspect is customizable to your own taste for people who love to design their own look and feel. You can distribute your coupons through the channels you prefer and securely validate the coupons yourself in various ways. There are many different integrations possible to increase the ease of use and facilize the data flow between different tools. We offer integrations such as Mailchimp, Social Media, Survey, API, Zapier. Those are only just a few of our various innovative integrations.
  5. Customer insights overview
    Digital coupons can’t be ignored anymore. They’ve gained in importance and are vital to every self-respecting business. It’s not only cheaper, more dynamic, but it also drives sales. Digital coupons guarantee customer insights. Every gesture of the client is trackable, measurable, and stocked in easy-to-consult graphics and databases. You’re able to gain customer insights you’ve never thought about.
  6. Help chat – Approachable
    This is one important feature we especially focus on. We aim for optimal customer support to give them the best possible experience with the platform. We guarantee fast and problem-solving answers. We offer a help chat, skype service, and the possibility to book a demo.

  7. Custom work – projects.
    Another important aspect our clients appreciate is the fact we are a constructive partner. We always listen to our partners’ needs and try to think along with them. We listen carefully to their concept, propose our software solution, and even design custom solutions relevant to their case. You should definitely have a look at our various Use Cases on our website.
  8. Used by professionals all over the world / White label options
    Since our organization's foundation, we’ve established the Coupontools Platform as a respected and professional mobile promotion platform. We’ve worked with various famous brands over the world. Another aspect why we’re chosen by professionals worldwide is the fact we offer an enhanced but rather cheap white label package. This is an interesting feature for Marketing Agencies because they may resell our Coupontools Platform with their branding and at their own prices.

  9. Innovative Updates
    Since we’re offering a lot of custom work to our clients, we interact with them. We speak with them, listen to them. We’re trying to be as approachable as possible. This gives us extra insights into the features that might be useful to add to our platform. We guarantee the latest tech and marketing solutions and try to be as innovative as possible.

  10. Experienced partner
    Coupontools was founded in 2013 and has only been growing since. Coupontools is part of ‘Xtreme Internet Solutions’ which was founded way back in 2002. SMSTools and Apptools are two other specific services we have to offer. Xtreme Internet Solutions has been growing with the market since 2002, focusing on the (marketing) tools and features businesses really need to continue their growth. Our experience with SMSTools and AppTools made us an all-in-one partner for all your mobile (marketing) initiatives.  


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10 reasons why Coupontools is your preferred partner for mobile couponing
10 reasons why Coupontools is your preferred partner for mobile couponing
10 reasons why Coupontools is your preferred partner for mobile couponing
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