Gamification, the ultimate call to action?

Gamified coupons, the ultimate call to action?

These days the importance of using creative call to actions is growing each day. Clients need to be activated in order to make the conversions you want them to make. If you’re not using gamified coupons yet, you should definitely consider it. Finally, when you’ve read this blog, I bet you’ll be convinced by its functionality and how it could be beneficial for your business.

Gamified coupons
A gamified coupon is one of the best methods to trigger a desirable action of your prospects or customers. It’s the perfect bridge between giving the customer a pleasant experience but also reaching your marketing and data goals. Gamified coupons are perfect for raising customer conversions, optimizing customer engagement with your brand and building brand loyalty for your business.

How does it work?
With gamified coupons like a spinning wheel, slot machine or a scratch and win you’re offering your client a pleasant experience with your brand. You can just add your gamified coupon in any of your current communication tools such as mailings, social media, QR-codes, NFC, or even more. You can also choose to implement a pop-up gamified coupon with exit intent whenever a customer has added anything to their shopping cart and is willing to leave the page. This are just a couple of the various possibilities with gamification.

Why does gamification work?
Gamification is the art of engaging customers with your brand by offering them a pleasant time and last but not least, the chance to win prizes! Whenever the customer is triggered by the gamified coupon and wins one of the prizes, the customer is way more likely to make the conversion you desire them to make.

The customer gets the feeling he’s lucky and he has won something. This is one of the most convincing call to actions a customer experiences.

For example:

  • Online conversions raise with 20% after they’ve interacted with a gamified coupon. The amount of the discount doesn’t really matter just the feeling of being ‘chosen’.
  • 35% of the customers who’ve had pleasant experiences with brands are more likely to become loyal customers.
  • 10% of the customers admit the discount triggered them to make a final purchase they normally wouldn’t have made.
  • When using gamification as a call to action, customers a 20% more likely to act the way you want them to act.

Bottom line
Implementing gamification into your marketing strategy will result in more conversions, more customer engagement and finally even more brand loyalty. Customers are way more likely to remember the times they’ve had a pleasant interaction with a brand. With gamification your business reaches multiple marketing goals, so was it too much to say gamified coupons might be the ultimate call to action?

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Customer engagement Brand loyalty Call to action Gamificiation Gamified coupon conversions loyal customers
Gamification, the ultimate call to action?
Gamification, the ultimate call to action?
Gamification, the ultimate call to action?
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