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6 Reasons why White Label Coupon Software is vital for a Marketing Agency

Sep 02, 2019 Tom Hendrix

6 Reasons Why White label Coupon Software is vital for a Marketing Agency

Marketing Agencies service a lot of different clients in different industries.  It’s often hard to keep an overview within your different campaigns of all your clients. With the Coupontools Marketing Software this all has become easier than ever before. You don’t need to be an IT-specialist to manage, distribute and validate the coupons you’ve made yourself.

  1. Brand the control panel with your domain.
    The control panel is the platform where the coupons will be actually made.  It’s very convenient for an agency if they’re able to rebrand the panel to their own look and feel and logos. Click here for more information
  2. Manage customer accounts
    With this feature you’ll be able to create, add, update, login  and remove customer accounts. There’s even a possibility to add a trial mode button to your website to gain potential customers.
  3. Rights management per subaccount
    The agency will be in charge of every subaccount. The agency is the one who decides which customer has access to which features. The agency can also limit the amount of live campaigns and validations. Definitely watch this video if you want to know more about subaccounts at the Coupontools platform.
  4. Payment integrations
    The agency is able to set their own customer prices. They can integrate payment options such as PayPal and Stripe to collect the customers’ payments.
  5. White label marketing materials
    To facilize the process a bit for you customers we’ve already added a bunch of white label marketing materials in our toolkit. This will definitely save your customers some expensive design work.
  6. Let the subaccount create coupons or create them for the subaccount
    It’s really up to the customer to choose by which he feels most comfortable. You can give your customers a subaccount but the agency will be able to log in to this subaccount if necessary. If the customer doesn’t have time himself to create coupons, loyalty cards and more he can easily ask the agency to do so for him.

These are 6 features which are really useful for marketing agencies which have a variety of customers but also have a lot of coupons to be made. It gives the agency more possibilities to cooperate with the customers.  Thanks to the white label package, the subaccount will never know it isn’t your platform. Isn’t that cool?

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6 Reasons why White Label Coupon Software is vital for a Marketing Agency
6 Reasons why White Label Coupon Software is vital for a Marketing Agency
6 Reasons why White Label Coupon Software is vital for a Marketing Agency
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