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Upcoming Mobile Coupon trends Upcoming Mobile Coupon trends

Mobile Coupon Trends 2020

Since 2020 is right around the corner. Believe me, it’s going to be even more mobile than last year. In 2019, a Juniper Study showed that the 1 billion thresholds in Mobile Coupon users was surpassed.
If you aren’t considering going mobile, you won’t even reach half of your potential. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through an overview of the Mobile Coupon Trends of 2020. Make sure you read this article carefully to guarantee a flourishing mobile marketing approach in 2020.

  1. Digitization of paper coupon books
    For any business still using paper coupon books. Please stop, you’re missing out on huge opportunities (and you’re not very ecological). A first advantage is for sure a reduced print cost. A setup may seem like an investment, but you’ll benefit from it without a single doubt. No need to launch new coupon magazines each semester, just update your Coupon app and new coupons are accessible for clients within the blink of an eye. Digital coupon apps also enable convenient customer features. Clients can easily browse through coupons in the app, mobile coupons are categorized, maps integration to show the location. These are just a couple of user advantages. Another major merchants’ benefit is the fact a digital coupon app assures relevant and easy-to-consult customer data. Something a traditional paper coupon book lacks. If you’re looking for a more detailed overview of a Mobile Coupon Book and what situations it’s valuable, I recommend you read this article
    Upcoming Mobile Coupon trends
  2. Digital Customer Care (With automation) Digital Compensation Voucher to turn a sad customer into a happy customer.
    Digital Customer Care has become the standard these days. It’s an attitude clients expect from businesses. The way a business deals with complaints really shapes the corporate image and is a crucial aspect in ‘keeping your clients loyal’.  With today's technology, customer care is easy to automate. If people successfully filed a complaint online and left their personal data, it’s easy to reach out to them and suggest a solution.
    1. File Complaint 2. Enter personal data. 3. Complaint approved. 4. Send a message with apologies and offer them a voucher or suggest another solution.
    Statistics show that clients who faced an issue and were helped properly, are more likely to become or stay loyal. Your complaint management shapes your corporate image and comforts clients for any future problems and how you’d solve them.
  3. Gamification advanced  
    Gamification isn’t new in the scene and it's already used in different environments. For example, gamified website popups are the way to go in 2020. It enables Merchants to deliver appealing coupons to visitors who could use that extra nudge towards conversions. Add a gamified coupon in a website pop-up, visitors win a ‘single-use discount', the visitor is more likely to purchase the item in his chart.

    Digital Spin Wheel, Scratch & Win, and Slot Machine Coupon.

Learn more about the different types:

  • Website popup using a time delay
    • Display a Gamified Coupon in the shape of a website pop-up. Predetermine the time when it has to pop up.
  • Desktop or mobile exit intent
    • Whenever a client is likely to leave the webpage he’s on or whenever a client scrolls over the webpage, a popup will show up. Implement your gamified coupon, reveal an appealing discount, and give the visitor a last nudge towards a conversion.
  • Clickable web tab
    • A clickable tab may be a less pushy method. A visitor chooses himself whether he opens a pop-up

 If you’re interested in using website popups yourself, I recommend you visit this page for a detailed explanation and live examples.

  1. Mobile Wallet Marketing Mobile Wallet Marketing Platform - Woman holding smartphone with Digital regular Coupon saved to her Mobile Wallet.
    Mobile Wallet Marketing might be one of the most interesting features to consider in 2020. More and more people are going to use mobile wallets and the actual mobile wallets are equipped with more advanced features. In order to take advantage of Mobile Wallets, Marketers must first search for a way in. A mobile Coupon or mobile Loyalty Card could do so. A user saves it to their mobile wallet and opens the door for precisely targeted communication. The passes in the Mobile Wallet can be seen as lightweight apps because of the slightly comparable features they provide. The real challenge is to balance your efforts wisely and only send important, relevant and useful notifications in order to make sure you don’t bother the user.
  • Mobile Coupon options 
    These are rather basic for now. A Merchant has to enable the ‘save2mobilewallet’ option while creating the coupon. When a client saved a Coupon to their wallet, a merchant can send basic ‘notifications’ such as: ‘Don’t forget to redeem your Coupon’ or ‘Your coupon is only valid for three more days.’

  • Loyalty Card options 
    Loyalty Cards enable more options for Marketers to reach the user at critical moments. If a Loyalty Card is saved in the wallet, it enables Merchants to send push notifications based on geofencing. The push notifications options are yet to improve in 2020.


  1. Payment Vouchers
    Payment vouchers. You may not be familiar with it yet but payment vouchers have a lot to offer to Merchants. It makes sure there’s already some sort of revenue for a Merchant. It’s also a massive trigger for the user to use/redeem your voucher because a purchase has already been made. No one, not even a customer, likes the feeling they’re ‘losing money.'

Digital Payment Vouchers and Gift Cards on smartphones.

Payment vouchers are used in different situations.

  • Pay upfront and get a discount.
    You pay upfront and unlock a discount voucher or a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ voucher.
  • Pay Partly upfront (Pre-order situation)
    It’s a deposit situation. Pay partly upfront, the voucher functions as evidence of your purchase and the rest amount that still has to be paid.
  • Gift Card Formula
    Pay upfront and receive a ‘gift card voucher’. The gift card is worth as much as you’ve paid upfront.
  • Payment integrations for tickets
    It's same principle as a gift card. The only aspect slightly different is the fact you don’t give it to anyone as the voucher functions here as an entrance ticket. Show your entrance ticket for validation and get access to the event.
  • Charity Payment before a Coupon is available.
    Donate money to a charity upfront and get rewarded with a discount from the Merchant. A great tool to give back to the community without neglecting your business goals.


Those are the most prominent trends of Mobile Couponing in 2020

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Upcoming Mobile Coupon trends
Upcoming Mobile Coupon trends
Upcoming Mobile Coupon trends
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