For digital coupon or/and loyalty card validation, a merchant often has to enter a password manually.
That takes time and might cause waiting lines.

With The physical validation stamp, those issues belong to the past.
The stamps ensure a fast and secure validation process!


  • Simple validation process

    Stamps are patented devices which make it simple to engage customers.
  • No NFC, Beacons or QR codes needed

    Validate on every smartphone with a touch screen.
  • Battery free

    No batteries, wires or antennas.
  • Security

    Every stamp is uniquely identifiable.
  • Advanced statistics

    Connect your validation stamp with a redeem location and check all validations made with the stamp.
  • Branded

    Stamps can be branded with your logo for orders above 500 stamps.


Quantity Activation fee Monthly subscription
2 stamps $25 /stamp $20 /stamp
10 stamps $20 /stamp $18 /stamp
25 stamps $17 /stamp $16 /stamp
50 stamps $14 /stamp $14 /stamp
100 stamps $12 /stamp $11 /stamp
250 stamps $10 /stamp $9 /stamp
500 stamps $9 /stamp $8 /stamp
1000+ stamps $7 /stamp $6 /stamp
  • Minimum period: 3 months
  • Minimum order quantity: 2 stamps
  • 10% off for 1 year payments
  • Shipping costs not included
  • Subscription period starts 14 days after shipping

Shipping costs:
USA: $10
Canada: $30
Rest of the world: $50


Contact us at [email protected] to make orders. We need the quantity, period and shipping address to complete your order.

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