Why I need this license?

If you want to connect your own domain name to replace our available coupon domains you need a custom domain license.

Why do we charge an additional yearly fee for this domain name service?

To make it work on our cloud hosting platform we need to setup:

- DNS settings
- Social login settings: Facebook, Google+, ...
- Mobile Wallet settings: Apple Pay & Android Pay
- Barcode generator
- Renew our existing multi-domain SSL certificate

How does it work?

- Buy your own coupon domain name with your own domain supplier or use a domain name you already own.
- The coupon URL can be a full domain name (example www.coupon.com) or a subdomain (coupon.yourdomain.com)
- Create following CNAME-records, pointing it to our servers :

CNAME coupon.yourdomain.com -> www.digicpn.com
CNAME login.yourdomain.com -> www.controlpanel.center
CNAME directory.yourdomain.com -> www.couponapp.directory

- Buy the coupon domain license from the control panel.
- Our support team will contact you with further instructions.

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