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Custom Domain Licence Information

Why do I need a Custom Domain License?

Originally our Digital Coupons have fixed domain names. With the Custom Domain License, it’s possible to show your own Domain Name as Coupon URL. Furthermore, it’s significantly more trustworthy.

Example of Custom Domain URL for Digital Coupons
Why is there an additional yearly fee involved?

To make it work on our cloud hosting platform we need to setup:

  • - DNS settings
  • - Social login settings: Facebook, Google, ...
  • - Mobile Wallet settings: Apple Pay & Android Pay
  • - Barcode generator
  • - Renew our current multi-domain SSL certificate
How does it work?
  • - Buy a new Domain Name or use one you already have.
  • - It can be a full Domain (example or a Subdomain (
  • - Create the following Cname-records, pointing it to our servers.
			CNAME ->
  • - Purchase your Coupon Domain License in your Account at the Control Panel.
  • - Our support team will reach out to you with further instructions.