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SMS & IM messaging pricing

Here you find more information and the pricing of our
integrated SMS & IM messaging tool.

Outbound Message Rate in

Country (+area) code Country name Message rate
+1 USA/Canada 0.020 €/msg
+1268 Antigua and Barbuda 0.060 €/msg
+1473 Grenada 0.065 €/msg
+1441 Bermuda 0.050 €/msg
+1876 Jamaica 0.060 €/msg
+1658 Jamaica 0.060 €/msg
+1869 Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.065 €/msg
+1868 Trinidad and Tobago 0.045 €/msg
+1345 Cayman Islands 0.060 €/msg
+1787 Puerto Rico 0.050 €/msg
+1784 Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 0.055 €/msg
+1767 Dominica 0.060 €/msg
+1242 Bahamas 0.060 €/msg
+1246 Barbados 0.045 €/msg
+1264 Anguilla 0.060 €/msg
+1340 Virgin Islands, US 0.035 €/msg
+1649 Turks and Caicos Islands 0.055 €/msg
+1664 Montserrat 0.065 €/msg
+1670 Northern Mariana Islands 0.075 €/msg
+1809 Dominican Republic 0.060 €/msg
+1284 Virgin Islands, British 0.060 €/msg
+1758 Saint Lucia 0.060 €/msg
+1721 Sint Maarten (Dutch Part) 0.065 €/msg
+1684 American Samoa 0.110 €/msg
+1671 Guam 0.080 €/msg
+20 Egypt 0.087 €/msg
+27 South Africa 0.035 €/msg
+31 Netherlands 0.090 €/msg
+32 Belgium 0.100 €/msg
+33 France 0.075 €/msg
+39 Italy 0.090 €/msg
+41 Switzerland 0.070 €/msg
+44 United Kingdom 0.050 €/msg
+46 Sweden 0.070 €/msg
+47 Norway 0.075 €/msg
+49 Germany 0.090 €/msg
+51 Peru 0.045 €/msg
+52 Mexico 0.055 €/msg
+54 Argentina 0.070 €/msg
+55 Brazil 0.060 €/msg
+56 Chile 0.060 €/msg
+60 Malaysia 0.055 €/msg
+61 Australia 0.060 €/msg
+64 New Zealand 0.065 €/msg
+91 India 0.020 €/msg
+234 Nigeria 0.080 €/msg
+251 Ethiopia 0.065 €/msg
+353 Ireland 0.070 €/msg
+507 Panama 0.065 €/msg
+591 Bolivia 0.070 €/msg
+852 Hong Kong 0.055 €/msg
+965 Kuwait 0.055 €/msg
+966 Saudi Arabia 0.075 €/msg
+971 U.A.E. 0.035 €/msg
+972 Israel 0.035 €/msg
+974 Qatar 0.065 €/msg

Inbound Message Rate in

There are no additional fees for inbound messages in most countries.
In USA & Canada the fee per incoming messages is the same as for outgoing messages.

Toll-free SMS numbers for USA & Canada

In USA/Canada we use Toll Free SMS Numbers which are a powerful alternative to Shortcodes.
Enterprise A2P Messaging from Coupontools gives you the throughput you need to send and deliver SMS messages on-time– without all the extra carrier surcharges that short codes include.
Country code Country prefix Country name Month rate
US+1USA5 €/month
CA+1Canada5 €/month
Toll-free numbers will save you money, and can cost as little as $5 per number.
Short codes cost between $500 to $1000 per month in lease fees to the Short Code Registry, and that cost is unavoidable.
Looking ahead, toll-free SMS is an ideal alternative for mass business text messaging when you include cost savings, ease of use, ease of implementation, and a better customer experience.

Toll-free numbers for the United States & Canada are only available upon request.
To increase the speed of your request, please provide a brief description of how your business intends to use these Numbers.
It takes 48 hours to get your new toll-free number approved & setup.

Virtual number availability & pricing in

Country code Country prefix Country name Month rate
AU+61Australia18.00 €/month
AT+43Austria15.00 €/month
BE+32Belgium20.00 €/month
BR+55Brazil15.00 €/month
CA+1Canada5.00 €/month
HR+385Croatia14.00 €/month
CZ+420Czech Republic14.00 €/month
DK+45Denmark24.00 €/month
FR+33France20.00 €/month
DE+49Germany38.00 €/month
HK+852Hong Kong22.00 €/month
HU+36Hungary45.00 €/month
IN+91India99.00 €/month
IE+353Ireland12.00 €/month
IL+972Israel20.00 €/month
IT+39Italy38.00 €/month
LT+370Lithuania12.00 €/month
MY+60Malaysia15.00 €/month
MX+52Mexico15.00 €/month
NL+31Netherlands20.00 €/month
NO+47Norway25.00 €/month
PL+48Poland8.00 €/month
PT+351Portugal18.00 €/month
RO+40Romania16.00 €/month
ZA+27South Africa7.00 €/month
ES+34Spain14.00 €/month
SE+46Sweden16.00 €/month
CH+41Switzerland22.00 €/month
TH+66Thailand40.00 €/month
TR+90Turkey29.00 €/month
US+1U.S.A.5.00 €/month
UA+380Ukraine30.00 €/month
GB+44United Kingdom10.00 €/month

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