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Top 10 Features To Look For in Mobile Marketing Software: Top 10 Features To Look For in Mobile Marketing Software:

Top 10 features to look for in mobile marketing software

Top 10 Features To Look For in Mobile Marketing Software:

You already know that mobile engagement is crucial in today’s marketplace.
Many marketers are already using Mobile Marketing Software to promote their products and increase their brand’s popularity.  
But what does that really mean for your business?
How can you use mobile marketing software to market yourself and reach as many people as possible?  
For many brands and businesses, these questions can be paralyzing.
They’re not sure how to start making their enterprise mobile-friendly or which features to look for in software, so they freeze.
They do nothing. They push the issue to the back of their mind and hope that it isn’t hurting their profits or image too much.  
The problem of mobile engagement is not going away. In fact, if you refuse to focus on mobile efforts, your problem will only get worse in the future as you lose out on increasing numbers of customers and followers.  
 There were 1.57 Billion smartphone users in 2014. ​That number is expected to be 2.87 Billion by 2020. 2.87 BILLION. If you haven’t already started your efforts to engage customers or followers on mobile, NOW is the time to start.  
So what should you look for when choosing mobile marketing software? Read on to find out the top 10 features that you need to have.  
1. Easy to use marketing builder
People often overlook ease of use when considering different software. This is a huge mistake. What good is the world’s fanciest software if it’s too complex for you to use without undergoing a 6-week technical training? 
If the software you buy is easy to use, then you’ll actually use it. Make sense? There’s nothing worse than pouring time and money into software that you give up on after 2 months because you can’t figure out how to email promotions to your customers or connect mobile coupons to your POS.  
2. Good price/quality
The best software combines affordability with performance and robust features. Software that’s extremely expensive often includes many advanced features that you’ll never use. And software that’s too cheap will often crash when you need it or have limitations that end up hurting your mobile efforts. 
Focus on finding software that has the performance and quality you deserve, but doesn’t make your palms start to sweat when you’re reading over the pricing information.  
3. Integrations with CRM & Salesforce
This is essential. Integrating your mobile marketing software with CRM and Salesforce allows you to engage your existing customers and prospects on their mobile devices, while also connecting the data and products you already have to your marketing efforts.  
If you can’t connect your existing sales data to your mobile marketing software, then you will essentially have to start over from scratch.  
4. Gamification
The goal of mobile marketing is to engage and excite your customers, not bore them to death. Bad companies send out boring emails and half-hearted call-to-actions. Good companies make their content fun and informative.  
Gamification is using game-like elements to either promote your brand or get customers to engage with you. An example of this is when PepsiCo used a spinning wheel game to give out coupons for discounts on pizza (​watch example here​).  

 5. API
This is important if you have your own app, or might like to have your own app in your future. Mobile Marketing Software with API support means that you can integrate that software into your existing app.  
6. Scalable
You want to find a software platform that will be able to grow with your business. Some software can only handle a certain number of customers and is meant for beginners or experts only. When starting out, it’s good to find a software that you can use whether you have 100 people on your email list or 100,000.  
7. Multilanguage
Options Not all of your potential customers will speak your native language. Software that supports multiple languages will help ensure that you reach as many people as possible 
8. Support for barcodes to integrate into POS
This allows you to integrate mobile coupons you create directly into your existing POS, preventing many potential headaches down the road 
9. Support for payment integrations 
 Payment integrations allow customers to pay you through payment services that you already have set up (PayPal, Stripe, etc.). Being able to collect payments through your software makes things simpler for both you and your customers.  
10.Support for Mobile Wallets
Similar to number 9. Some customers would prefer to pay through Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, or Android Wallet.  

Now you know what to look for when choosing the right mobile marketing software for you!  
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Top 10 Features To Look For in Mobile Marketing Software:
Top 10 Features To Look For in Mobile Marketing Software:
Top 10 Features To Look For in Mobile Marketing Software:
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