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How can digital scratch cards be useful for the retail industry? How can digital scratch cards be useful for the retail industry?

How can digital scratch cards be useful for the retail industry?

What are digital scratch cards?Digital Scratch Off Cards Builder to implement in your mobile marketing

Digital scratch cards have the same meaning as virtual scratch cards. You scratch a card to win something. An example of this can be a 5% discount on the next visit or a 10% immediate discount. With our digital scratch cards, you add a piece of gamification to your digital campaigns. People love it to play a game and the suspense it brings. In this way, gamification can be very useful for a retail store.


How can retailers distribute coupons in their stores?

  • Integrate Wi-Fi marketing
    When customers visit your store, Wi-Fi marketing is an opportunity that you need to make use of. Make the Wi-Fi free to access. Once they connect with your Wi-Fi, include a scratch & win coupon on your Wi-Fi. To take part, people need to buy something in the store. In this way, you will increase your sales and money spent per customer.

  • Offer people the chance to take part at the checkout
    Mention at the checkout that people can take part in a digital scratch card and that they can win something. Also, mention the biggest prize they can win, this will engage people more to take part. Ask for their personal data and send this to them by e-mail. In their email, a link will be shown in which they can scratch the coupon. A text will be shown when they scratch it, a winning text or a losing text. When they win something, the prize will be shown.

  • NFC
    NFC(Near Field Communication) is convenient to help customers to redirect them to a digital coupon. People just hold their phone close to the tag and the coupon opens in their browser.

  • QR-code
    Your retail store can distribute QR-codes so that customers can scan this. In this way, customers can maybe get a discount or something like that. This QR-code can be printed on a poster par example. Your retail store can also put a URL behind the QR-code. In this way, you will send visitors to a specific page.

  • Mobile marketing kiosk
    Mobile Marketing Kiosk is a software that is mostly being used in-store. When the visitors arrive at the checkout, you can let them fill in their e-mail address and phone number, and they will receive an immediate discount. This can be very attractive to collect some personal data.

How can you set-up a digital scratch off card?

  • Create
    Create a digital scratch-off card starting from one of our beautiful templates. You can completely customize this scratch coupon according to your retail store's branding. Your retail store can create engaging digital coupons in a few minutes. Our templates are made by professionals and are fully customizable. With Coupontools, you can rebrand the coupon with your logo and images. The software also provides various claim methods. These methods can be installing the app, share the coupon on Facebook, fill in your e-mail address to unlock the coupon. Customers can share, print, or save the coupon. You can check at which location every coupon has been redeemed, including address, phone number, website. Your retail store can add social media buttons to their coupon. We provide your retail store with 5 different validations methods to let the customer claim the coupon.  Are you interested in seeing a tutorial? Click here for the tutorial.
  • Distribute
    You can publish your scratch-off cards with a few clicks through your favorite marketing channel. We provide your retail store with different marketing communication integrations. The first one we offer is social media. Social media is the way to reach your audience today. You can easily publish your digital campaigns on social media. We also offer SMS marketing. Text messages have the highest open ratio, so that is also a big way to distribute your digital campaigns. With Coupontools, you can also embed your digital campaigns in the e-mails you sent. You can also integrate your digital campaigns into your app. Another possibility is to distribute your digital campaign through your website. Offer visitors also gamification experiences. Let them play a game so that they will interact with your brand. Another possibility we provide is distributing through QR-codes. QR-codes are hot today, and almost every company is using them nowadays. The last option to distribute we provide is through Mobile Wallet. Mobile Wallet has become more popular over the years and is one to look out for soon.

    How can digital scratch cards be useful for the retail industry?

  • Validate
    Stay up to date on which coupons have already been redeemed thanks to our 5 different validation methods. Coupontools provides your retail store with 5 different validation methods:

    • Validation widget/app: Coupontools has an in-house validation widget and validation app to mark digital coupons that have been used. This widget runs on every single device that has an internet connection. The validation app is available for Android and iOS. It also allows you to save some extra personal data of your customers. Furthermore, it is fully customizable.
    • QR-code validation: a QR-code can be validated when you have a smartphone or tablet with a camera. This QR-code will be validated with a QR-code scanner that scans the QR-code on your device. The cashier needs to validate the password, and your coupon has been claimed.
    • On a mobile device: validate the digital coupon on the customer's device by simply entering the password or by pressing the redeem button without using a password.
    • Import custom validation or barcodes: you can import and use your barcode or validation code. Our system automatically assigns your unique validation codes to every distributed digital coupon. You can also show the unique validation code as a scannable barcode to have a complete POS system.
    • Physical stamps: this is going to sound weird, but it is true. With our physical stamps, you can stamp the smartphone's screen to validate the digital coupon. You can order these stamps, and we will take care of the connection behind them. Check the video!
  • Analyze
    Consult your real-time campaign and customer statistics to improve your future digital campaigns. It gives insights on the number of views, claims, validations and also which locations is responsible for the most validations.


There are lots of things that Coupontools can help your retail business with especially in mobile marketing and digital coupons. We can help your retail business to attract and retain more customers through various convenient features. For more information about digital scratch card coupons, visit this page.

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How can digital scratch cards be useful for the retail industry?
How can digital scratch cards be useful for the retail industry?
How can digital scratch cards be useful for the retail industry?
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