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5 tips to guarantee fraud-proof, single-use digital coupon campaigns. 5 tips to guarantee fraud-proof, single-use digital coupon campaigns.

Protect your digital coupon campaign against fraud

Digital coupon abuse remains one of the biggest concerns for businesses to take a step towards digital promotions. Everyone knows stories about merchants ending up in being scammed because their digital coupon strategy wasn’t airtight. Here are a few takeaways every merchant should take into account when considering a digital coupon campaign. A first take-away I can already give you: Always use an or gather the advice of an experienced partner in the scene.  You’ll end up having zero chance of being scammed.

  1. Secure Validation Methods 5 tips to guarantee fraud-proof, single-use digital coupon campaigns.
    If you’re creating and distributing digital coupon campaigns using the Coupontools software, you’ve already made your first good choice. Using the Coupontools software, you have access to various secure validation methods, leaving abusers no chance. Once a coupon has already been validated, it is impossible to use the same digital coupon again. I’d recommend you read this article carefully to get to know more about it.
  2. Single-use codes
    If you’re using the Coupontools platform for your digital coupon campaigns, there’s a unique setting you need to know more about. As a merchant, you are in charge of whether a digital coupon is single-use or multiple-use. Mainly, we recommend always to use single-use to minimize any fraud risks. The only time we recommend you to use ‘multiple-use’ vouchers is when you have a specific campaign purpose such as returning vouchers which can be used once a week, for example. By default, all our digital campaigns are single-use. But there’s extra security available. You can use unique access URLs (single-use codes). It means the digital coupon is only available with that specific unique URL.
  3. Predetermine your coupon value: 
    Predetermine the maximum discount value a customer can get while redeeming codes. It’s a necessary tool to make sure your businesses’ ROI is guaranteed. The discount value is 20%, and the max discount is €200. Every purchase lower than €1000 will receive the full discount based on the purchase restitution. If the purchase restitution is €1000+, the discount value still will be max. €100.
  4. User registration methods
    An additional way to secure your coupon campaign even more against fraudsters is the social login feature. Using the social login feature, people can only access the digital coupon once. If they have already claimed a coupon with their social media profile, that account can’t claim the discount again.
  5. Restrictions / limitations
    To make your digital coupon campaigns even more secure, add a quantity, date, or prize restriction.
    1. Quantity
      Predetermine the maximum amount of digital coupons that can be validated. E.g., If you sent out 100 000 digital coupons and set up a quantity restriction of 100 validations, only 100 digital coupons of the 100 000 can be successfully validated.
    1. Date
      Set up a fixed or flexible start and expiration date for your digital coupons. If customers come across your digital coupon but are too early, they will see a pop up that mentions ‘ Hey, you’re just too soon. Enter your email address if you want to receive a notification when the discount becomes available?’ If they want to use your digital discount, but they’re too late, they can’t redeem the coupon anymore. Our validation methods won’t let this happen.
    1. Prize
      If you are using digital gamified coupons, pay close attention to the prize limitations. It’s an essential feature because you’re handing out prizes and maybe 1 top prize. You don’t want customers to win all your top prize in the first few rounds, so you can easily set up a maximum amount of winners. If someone has won the top prize, that prize is taken out of the circuit and affects the chances of winning other prizes. You should monitor your digital coupon campaign closely and adjust the prize limitations to have the best results.
    1. Coupon validation availability 
      It’s possible to set up a specific timeframe for your digital coupons. The digital coupons will always be accessible, but it’s only allowed to validate within the predetermined timeframe. It’s the perfect tool to distribute coupons that are meant to boost traffic on slower days.

5 tips to guarantee fraud-proof, single-use digital coupon campaigns.


At Coupontools, security is our priority. By default our digital coupons are single-use but to leave fraudsters not a single chance, Coupontools provide various options for extra security. 

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5 tips to guarantee fraud-proof, single-use digital coupon campaigns.
5 tips to guarantee fraud-proof, single-use digital coupon campaigns.
5 tips to guarantee fraud-proof, single-use digital coupon campaigns.
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