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Mobile coupon redemption rates Mobile coupon redemption rates

Mobile coupon vs paper coupons - redemption rates

Although there are many benefits of using the high-tech digital coupons in place of the traditional paper coupons, one major benefit is their fast access, fast processing and fast redemption rates. With the ever increasing use of the smart phones, the idea to use mobile coupons to effectively market your products or services cannot be over emphasized, and if you are a business owner you do not want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

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According to the latest research conducted, the use of mobile/digital coupons is on the rise with the ever increasing world population making a shift to the smart phones. The research also shows that the mobile coupons redemption rates are 10 times higher than those of the traditional paper coupons. The reasons for the high redemption rates are simple, as mobile coupons are:

  • Very easy for the consumers to carry with them anywhere they go,
  • Unlike paper coupons, digital coupons offer great convenience
  • Digital coupons do not require any kind of printing or postage costs
  • Mobile coupons can easily be downloaded, if lost
  • Mobile coupons can be redeemed on the spot instantly

As the number of smart phones users will keep on increasing in the coming years, the use of the mobile coupons will definitely be on the risen and we will surely see an upward trend also in the mobile coupons redemption rates in years to come. So, make up your mind quickly, before the train is gone.

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Mobile coupon redemption rates
Mobile coupon redemption rates
Mobile coupon redemption rates
mobile coupon redemption rates 14 10014
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