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Digital gamified Coupons to trigger conversions Digital gamified Coupons to trigger conversions

5 reasons to consider Gamified Coupons

  1. Pleasant time – great experience
    People aren’t only looking for hard and big discounts anymore. They’re also in search of fun.
    It’s also great for your business’ image. Your audience looks to you in a fun way because you’ve provided them with a pleasant and interactive experience. People who’ve had a certain great experience with your brand are more likely to share it with their friends. Make sure your Gamified Coupon can be shared, and your reach will boom.
  2. Easier to approach gen Z & millennials
    The gen Z and millennials are constantly on their smartphones and thus constantly connected with the internet. They don’t really care about the traditional ways of advertising, so through / aided by the internet is the way to reach them. This will be a challenging target group for marketers in the future. They’ve grown up with games, so that’s obviously also the way to reach them. They want visual content and are searching for great experiences.  They won’t ignore a little game.
  3. Raise engagement
    Advertising is everywhere. It’s not sufficient to only be seen. You have to battle for your audience's attention and engagement. Gamification is the way to grab the attention and tempt the audience for interaction. If they interact and they win something valuable enough, they’re much more likely to convert also. They experience a “Euphoria of Victory,” which is a decisive trigger. 

    Digital Spin Wheel, Scratch & Win, and Slot Machine Coupon.
  4. FOMO
    Fear Of Missing Out is a real thing these days. Not only in everyday life but also in the matter of marketing. The merchant has to make sure the Gamified Coupon is right there when the customer is in doubt. If the person tries his luck, you have to make sure he wins something valuable. If you assure that the prize they’ve won is limited in time, the real FOMO kicks in. They’re afraid they’re going to miss out on the prize they’ve won. That’s one of the triggers to act and convert immediately. 
  5. Gamified Website Pop-ups
    A Gamified Coupon Website Popup is perfect to present a coupon whenever a customer is in doubt. Set up the Website popups with a certain purpose. For example, an exit intent. If they want to leave, the Gamified Coupon will show up. They’re probably going to have their go on. You decide whether they win something or not, but I recommend you let them win something valuable enough. If they win, make sure it’s a temporary offer. If you do so, the FOMO (Fear of missing out) will do the rest in most cases. If it’s a single opportunity to make usage of the discount, so they’re more likely to convert.

    Gamification wasn’t invented today, but it’s still a very convincing trigger for your audience. There are various possibilities to make sure the Gamified Coupons reach the right audience and give them that little nudge in the right, converting direction. Coupontools has many Gamified Coupon Types, such as spin wheels, slot machines, and scratch & win coupons. There are also various distribution ways; among them are the Gamified Website Pop-ups. You should try it yourself!

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Digital gamified Coupons to trigger conversions
Digital gamified Coupons to trigger conversions
Digital gamified Coupons to trigger conversions
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