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A Mobile Coupon Directory for your City Marketing A Mobile Coupon Directory for your City Marketing

A Mobile Coupon Directory for your City Marketing

City marketing gains in importance in almost every city in countries all over the world. It’s more than just a slogan, a logo, or a single marketing initiative. Nowadays, cities have to act like brands to maintain their image and reputation and attract tourists. Above all, they have to make sure their marketing initiatives fit their overall strategies and contribute to the overall city-image. That’s the only way a city remains consistent and relevant in its messages to its inhabitants, merchants, stakeholders, and tourists. It makes sense, but how can you do it?

What is City Marketing?
City Marketing is the promotion of a city or a specific area in a city. City marketing takes place at two levels. On the one hand, it’s what the city claims it does, and on the other hand, what the city actually does. Both of these aspects need to be perfectly balanced to develop and maintain a consistent city marketing strategy. A city is always busy, or at least, that’s what the inhabitants and tourists have to believe. If you balance your communication and actual gestures right, it will look like the city is never quiet. 

2 ways to fill these gaps

  • Events

This is one of the straightforward methods to keep your city busy. Events are necessary for every social community. A city should launch events that fit its predetermined image to have a consistent city marketing strategy. Launching new events that fit your image is one thing; keeping the events that contributed to your image alive is another thing that needs to be done to keep the desirable image running. If there are no actual events taking place anytime soon, you should be warming the people up for your upcoming ones. A city needs to be active, and it begins with strategic communication.

  • City coupons

A second method some cities use during quiet times is launching or hosting a City Coupon Directory. This is interesting for the inhabitants of the city but also the tourists visiting the city. The main reason for this marketing trick is to generate traffic to the center of the city. Of course, it hopefully will also trigger sales. That’s the main reason why the stores collaborate with the city.

How does a City Coupon Directory work?
A City Coupon Directory is a city marketing initiative. It’s a partnership between the city and established merchants in the city. The city takes care of the marketing communication concerning the Mobile Coupon Directory and hosts the main platform. The city creates subaccounts for the merchants who want to be represented in the City Coupon Directory.

The merchants can create their own coupons with the easy-to-use Coupontools Coupon Builder. The merchants decide which promotions they launch. Finally, the merchants deliver their coupons to the city marketer. He/she will eventually add the coupons to the Mobile Coupon Directory.

How can inhabitants or tourists find the coupon directory?
Often the City Coupon Directory will be inserted in an existing city-app. If there is no app yet, no worries! There are enough other ways to host a City Coupon Directory without an existing app. Creating your own city app is only one of them and isn’t even necessary. A mobile coupon directory has more convenient integrations. You can add it to your  Facebook Tab, Mobile Kiosk, as a website plugin,… 

Other advantages of the Coupontools Mobile Coupon Directory
A Mobile Coupon Directory for your City Marketing


  • Coupons can easily be shared between users
  • Sort by categories
  • Search functionality
  • Sort by GPS location
  • Support in multiple languages
  • Easy to manage your coupons through the Coupontools platform
  • Customer insights
  • User registration

Bottom line
City marketing is booming all over the world. It’s the city marketers’ job to keep the city busy, the inhabitants happy, and the city image running. Communication plays a significant role in this challenging project. A City Coupon Directory is one of the initiatives a city can launch to create buzz and traffic for a while. With this initiative, the city is serving the locals and the tourists who are visiting the city.

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A Mobile Coupon Directory for your City Marketing
A Mobile Coupon Directory for your City Marketing
A Mobile Coupon Directory for your City Marketing
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