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Rewarding Fan Engagement with Mobile Coupons Rewarding Fan Engagement with Mobile Coupons

Gamification is now a popular marketing strategy to help businesses trigger more engagement.  Gamification refers to a process where you build user experience by taking the essence of what makes games so interesting. Integrating gamification elements into your apps or campaigns encourage your fans to get engaged in games to win rewards and exciting prizes.

Winning gamified coupons gives a sense of accomplishment and makes use of the competitive nature to encourage users to use their website/app even more.

Who doesn’t like to become a champion?Digital Slot Machine Coupon for Fan Engagement.
Today, some of the biggest businesses and corporations have used gamified coupons to create engaging and meaningful online experiences. Not only you can include game elements like leaderboards, points, virtual currency, and a unique reward system; you also boost your sales and market your products through gamified coupons.

Since gamified coupons encourage users to try out different types of coupons for winning challenges and rewards, they increase brand loyalty as more and more customers keep coming back to a website or app. Such an emotional connection gives new insight to companies for improving their sales and marketing campaigns.


  • Gamified coupons boost the engagement of customers, partners, and prospects.
  • Companies don’t always have to offer physical rewards. Prizes can be in the form of content or recognition.
  • Anyone can win prizes and rewards.
  • Gamification helps businesses identify prospects to design new products and services.
  • The campaign works great for people who want to be noticed and get rewarded.

    Considering the amount of competition in the online world, it’s not surprising to note that there are many companies that are looking for more engagement through interactive customer experiences. Using gamified coupons as customer retention tools, you can make more personalized offers to your most loyal customers.
Tips for Designing the Best Gamified Coupons
  • Keep it easy and simple. Users like to play games in which they only have to make a couple of clicks to win prizes.
  • If users don’t win the prize, reward them with another deal.
  • Users should be able to play the game again in 12 hours for another chance to win.
  • Redemption methods should be quick and easy.

Gamified coupons open dialogue between the brand and the users without pushing them or spending a fortune on advertising.

The surprise and randomness make gamification addictive and fun. This is a unique marketing tool that can successfully be applied to several products and multiple services. That’s great news for big corporations as well as small companies to promote engagement at any stage of the customer journey.

Since gamification is not exactly a conventional marketing technique; consumers admire the companies that adopt this innovative tool. The concept was introduced a decade ago, but it has now grown into a lucrative business opportunity to improve your brand image and stimulate engagement. There are many examples of gamified online promotions which have done consistently well.

Bottom Line

Coupon Tools have designed innumerable gamified coupon campaigns for clients from all industries. Thanks to these effective marketing tools, brands have experienced a significant boost in their engagement and profits.

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Rewarding Fan Engagement with Mobile Coupons
Rewarding Fan Engagement with Mobile Coupons
Rewarding Fan Engagement with Mobile Coupons
Gamification is now a popular marketing strategy to help businesses trigger more engagement. 103 10103
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