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Digital Voucher Creator Software for Mobile Marketing campaigns

Jan 08, 2021 Jordy Aengeveld

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important. It is growing exponentially year after year. Don't you make use of it yet? Don't know how to start? Below you will find more information about vouchers and what a good voucher software needs to have in store.

Everybody knows them, the paper vouchers, gift vouchers, or gift cards. Traders like to use them because they receive money in advance for the goods they deliver later. In some cases, the vouchers are never even delivered!


Why digital vouchers?
Digital vouchers are even more advanced than their paper counterpart. Digital is always traceable. It gives you insight into the user's behavior and the campaign.

Furthermore, via the digital Vouchers of Coupontools, you can accept payments via the voucher. It means: companies can publish the vouchers on their website, in the app, on social media,... interested people, then click on the voucher and complete the payment in the voucher.

What does a powerful voucher software provide?
An extensive but user-friendly voucher generator software has the following features.

  • Customizability
    The ability to provide the vouchers with your branding and content.

  • Professional templates
    Templates that are ready to use right away.

  • Quality support
    A quality support line for all your questions.

  • Multiple payment integrations
    Multiple payment integrations so that users can work with a provider of their choice.

  • Secure built-in validation methods
    Built-in validation methods to ensure secure voucher validation and reduce fraud.

  • Many built-in distribution methods
    Built-in distribution methods so you can distribute your digital vouchers through your favorite communication channel with just a few clicks.

  • Automation options
    API connection, webhooks, or Zapier is a must to enable automation.

  • Tracking pixels
    Add tracking pixels to your voucher and remarket the user.

  • Data capture
    Ability to collect user data. These are carefully stored for further use.

  • Data security - Privacy legislation
    Prevent scandals and only work with companies that attach great importance to protecting your acquired data.

  • Push notifications
    Push notifications are a significant advantage. You can reach the voucher user and trigger action.


Digital vouchers are a real enrichment for your digital marketing. It brings many advantages and will certainly not harm your business. Furthermore, it is best to think twice before using any voucher software. Choose a qualitative, reliable, and experienced player to avoid surprises and setbacks.

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Digital Voucher Creator Software for Mobile Marketing campaigns
Digital Voucher Creator Software for Mobile Marketing campaigns
Digital Voucher Creator Software for Mobile Marketing campaigns
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