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Digital Slot Machine Coupon on a smartphone.

Digital Slot Machine

Add gamification to your mobile marketing efforts with our Digital Slot Machine Coupons.

They bring fun, engagement and interaction. Furthermore, this Gamified Coupon is perfect to improve brand awareness, generate store visits and boost conversions.

What are the benefits ?

Digital Slot Machine Coupon on a smartphone.
Add fun through gamification

People love a little game and the entertainment it brings. It gives the user a winner’s feeling which stimulates impulsive purchases.

Digital Slot Machine Coupon with your branding.
Add brand visibility

Add your logo, images and branding to your Digital Slot Machine Coupons.

Digital Slot Machine Coupon templates.
Integrated templates

Start from a professional template and customize it to your taste.

Digital Slot Machine Coupon retries and resets.
Flexible retries & resets

Set up a number of retries and a reset timer so players can play the coupon again after a specific time

Digital Slot Machine Coupon winning odds settings.
Arrange winning odds

Set up unlimited prizes, define the odds and personalize both winner and loser texts and images.

Digital Slot Machine Coupon grand prize limitations settings.
Grand Prize Limitations

Determine specific prize limits. E.g. 1 prize is limited to 1 winner.

Digital Slot Machine Coupon data capture options.
Capture Data

Require a social login or ask to fill out a form before users can play your Gamified Coupon.

Digital Slot Machine Coupon distribution options.
Multi-channel Distribution

Distribute your Slot Machine Coupons through your favorite digital marketing channel.

Digital Slot Machine Coupon validation methods.
Built-in Validation Methods

Choose from 5 different validation methods to mark the coupon as used.

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