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Use Case: Coca Cola's BOGO-campaign

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You can only introduce your new products once to your audience, so you have to do it right. That’s what Coca Cola Belgium must have been thinking when creating this extraordinary campaign for the introduction of their new drinks Adez, Honest and Fuzetea.

Their campaign setup looked like this:
For the promotion of their new range of drinks they launched a kind of ‘refer a friend campaign’. Everyone who bought one of the new drinks, received the possibility of sharing the experience with one of their friends. So whenever someone bought one of these drinks, the person received a unique QR-code by which he could send a coupon to a friend through email or SMS/Whatsapp.

The campaign ran very smooth and was easy to monitor for Coca Cola Belgium. Almost all gestures of the customers and the persons who received the coupon were trackable. The amount of opens of the customer of the drink, the amount of claims of the coupon, the amount of opens of the receiver of the coupon and the amount of final validations of the coupon.

Another aspect of the campaign was the fact that they launched it using 2 different channels.
Campaign 1: Send the coupon to a friend through email.
Campaign 2: Send a coupon through SMS/Whatsapp.

This allowed Coca Cola to compare all the opens, claims and validations per channel. This is vital intel they can use in future campaigns.

Special features about this campaign?

  • The choice of A/B testing gives you extra intel about certain situations and the use of the right channels for a campaign.
  • 1 campaign was using Email, the other campaign SMS/Whatsapp
  • All the actions of the customers of the product and receivers of the coupon were trackable.
  • Revolutionary campaign with a unique strategy for launching new products.

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