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Use Case: Essilors' Influencers

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Essilor Group is one of the industry leaders in ophthalmic optics and a big supporter of visual health. As part of the influencer marketing campaign for Essilor Netherlands over Instagram, we distributed coupons for Eyezen, blue light blocking glasses that help reduce strain from continuous use of digital devices to Dutch influencers.

As part of the campaign, each influencer was given a unique coupon ID and they were asked to feature Essilor glasses in their Instagram profile, along with their allotted coupon IDs. That’s how Coupontools was able to trace the use of coupons and analyze how many coupon validations were received from each influencer. A separate coupon was also shared with customers of Essilor through their website.

Users who wanted to redeem their coupons had the option to validate their special discounts from 360 different locations. Each location or optician was provided with its own validation code. This helped Essilor to get insights about how many coupons were redeemed from each location or optician.

Some other insights from the new, Essilor Instagram influencer marketing campaign for Eyezen glasses included:

  • The Dutch influencers, who were part of the campaign, promoted the Eyezen glasses and the Essilor brand through their Instagram stories or bio section. 
  • The influencers were also required to use the swipe up function on their Instagram stories to take the followers to the website.
  • The unique coupon ID made sure every purchase was trackable 
  • Lastly, one of the aims of this Instagram promotion and influencer marketing campaign was to collect valuable information, such as the email addresses of followers who engaged.    

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