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Use Case: Zain Bahrain - Spin Wheel

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Zain Bahrain is a leading telecommunications provider in Bahrain. The company offers mobile postpaid and prepaid plans, Internet plans, devices, mobile application, roaming, and various other value-added services.

Zain Bahrain enhanced their marketing when they partnered with Coupontools. By using Coupontools’ mobile marketing software, Zain Bahrain was able to reward its existing customers with prizes via gamified coupons.

A “Spin & Win with Zain” campaign allowed customers to spin a wheel and win many valuable prizes with every bill payment, prepaid top-up, or data add-on subscription from the Zain app. The wheel comprised of 8 exciting prizes that could be won. The campaign was promoted on their website, along with their Facebook and Instagram pages.

How the Campaign Worked
Zain Bahrain chose to add gamification to their mobile marketing with Coupontools’ digital spin and win coupons. Coupontools enabled Zain Bahrain to completely brand and customize their gamified coupons in their own language, layout, and colors. They were also able to set the prize limits and specify the winning odds per prize. With Coupontools’ API and webhooks, Zain Bahrain’s developers were able to integrate the gamified coupons seamlessly into their native Zain app. After a prize was won, Coupontools’ platform would immediately send a webhook (callback) to Zain Bahrain’s platform so that the winner could receive their prize instantly.

Zain Bahrain’s native app allowed customers to manage their settings and bills on their mobile devices. With the “Spin & Win with Zain” campaign, customers were rewarded after every bill payment, prepaid top-up or data add-on subscription from the Zain app. After successfully completing a valid transaction, customers received a gamified coupon from Coupontools and were given the chance to spin the wheel and win 1 out of 8 prizes. Examples of prizes available: 180 minutes international calls, 200 minutes local calls, 10GB data for 30 days, etc.

The Results
With Coupontools’ digital spin and win gamified coupons, Zain Bahrain added fun and engagement to their mobile marketing. While their customers were entertained and rewarded with valuable prizes, Zain Bahrain strengthened their brand visibility and customer loyalty. The campaign resulted in very high conversion ratios.

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